Friday, January 14, 2011

Kripple Kreek at Imperial Dam

Wednesday: (01/12) Lou fixed a spinach oven omelet for breakfast. We were off early to Ed Whiteheads tire Country on 4th Ave to get the brakes fixed. They replaced the rear pads and the right rear rotor and calipers. Evidently the caliper stuck and wore out the right rear pad. The one pad was gone, the other right rear pad and the left rear pads had their 55% left. They finished the fix by 3pm and we were off toward the Senator Wash BLM area near Imperial Dam. We got the same campsite as last year in Kripple Kreek.Lou and Dawn took a walk out to the beaver dam for a look. Hopefully the beaver are still there. We had lunch at Brownie's cafe near the tire shop. Lou and Dawn shared some liver and onions and I couldn't resist the chicken fried steak. Lou fixed a stir-fry dinner with tofu, Canadian bacon, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Nice to finally be back home here in Kripple Kreek.

We hope the burros pay us a visit. We know they know where we are because we have to clean up a lot of the droppings before we moved into our site.

Kripple Kreek Campsite Kripple Kreek Campsite
Kripple Kreek CG.

Bird feeders at kripple Kreek CG
Thursday: (01/13) Leftover omelet for breakfast. Ham sandwiches for lunch. Pasta with pot roast and a green salad for dinner. Nice to have nice weather. I raised the solar panels  because there are clear skies here. We pretty much hung around the camp today. Dawn and I ventured down a burro trail to the liberry. That is how it is spelled. It's in an old trailer and is a place to share books. Bring some and take some. Lou set up her bird  feeders.

Our corned beef hash breakfast
Friday: (01/14) Lou fixed corned beef hash for breakfast which was enjoyed in our yard. We took a drive out to the Sun Garden Date Farm for some date milk shakes then spent some time on a hill checking our email and phone calls. There is no cell signal in our little valley where Kripple Kreek CG is located. We then took a drive out to the North side of the Washington Reservoir looking for burros. Still none seen but we can tell they are around but the fresh droppings. We stopped for lunch overlooking the headwaters of the All American Canal sitting on the Imperial Dam. Nice views. We returned to camp where Lou did some sewing and I worked on preparing photos for the blog. Dinner was enchiladas.

Saturday: (01/15) We enjoyed leftovers for breakfast. Today was flea market day. We headed off early to the Arizona Marketplace. Not a real flea market but a bunch of snow bird oriented vendors. No real junk but a lot of cheap stuff. We enjoyed lunch at the Ranch House restaurant across the street. Nice prime rib for Lou and Dawn and BBQ ribs for me. Then back to work. We went to the real flea market at the old dog race track. After our exciting day junking we stopped at Walmart for groceries then returned home just before dark. I fixed chili sizes for dinner.

Sunday: (01/16) Lou fixed sausage gravy on bread for breakfast. Another nice sunny day. The humming birds here are abundant and fun to watch. Our neighbors all have numerous feeders as well as the one Lou puts up. The birds have found Lou's seeded field for their breakfasts. Having pet birds seems to be a major occupation here. Lou fixed fondue with  bread for lunch. At 1:30 we went over to the "gravel pit" where there is a covered shed and watched a bluegrass jamboree. While we were watching the music, we spied some burros on a ridge and they seemed to be watching and listening to the music. After the music ended we drove over to where the burros were and Dawn got a chance to finally see them. There was even a baby in the group of six we watched. Lou fixed Salisbury steak, baked potatoes and a five bean green salad. She got to try out some BBQ sauce on the steaks that she picked up at the flea market. Wasn't bad!

Last Sun Hitting Hills By Our Camp Kripple Kreek Sunset
Above the last sun of the day turned the hills to the East of our campsite a nice shade of red. The same sunset over our RV.

Kripple Kreek Campfire
We enjoyed a campfire in the evening. Someone brings a lot of old pallet pieces for firewood at the nearby community campfire ring.

Monday: (01/17) Up early, very early. Evidently Lou was anxious to go so she was up preparing to go when Dawn pointed out that it was 4am, not 7am. We enjoyed leftover chili sizes and Salisbury steak for breakfast. We arrived at the dentist's office in Los Algodones right on time at 9am. With no appointment, I was in the chair by 9:10 getting my teeth cleaned. Lou was in another chair moments later. My tooth had been bothering me so I got a good checkup as well. When I bumped my head or stepped off a curb, the jar made my tooth hurt. That is, it did for the past couple of weeks but not today. Maybe I should just make 365 dentist appointments and my teeth wouldn't bother me. After a lot of tapping with no hint of pain an xray showed a cavity on a tooth with a crown so they removed the old crown and filled the tooth and installed a temporary crown today. Tomorrow afternoon I get the permanent crown. With that done, we visited the optometrist and Dawn and I ordered glasses. The glasses I got last year are still good but I wanted a single vision set of transition glasses for driving. An excellent deal at $59. Dawn got a pair of transition polycarbonate glasses for $159. We had lunch at our favorite shrimp taco stand. We also shared a great vanilla milkshake and a pineapple smoothie. While I waited in line to get back in the good ol' USA. Lou picked up some items we didn't want to have to carry around. Then it was time for me to pick up my glasses and rejoin them in the exit line just before the agents. The line to get back is always extremely long and unnecessarily slow but it was much easier doing it in multitask fashion. We stopped at the Quetchan Casino on the American side of the border crossing in Andrade, Ca. It's a big casino and our new players cards from the Paradise casino are good there as well. Even better this week.  Just for being old, you get $10 free play for investing $1. Lou couldn't resist, that is until the machine locked her out. Then it wasn't fun any more so we left. She may have the same problem with the use of a players card in a one armed bandit that I do with all vending and coin operated machines. They simply don't work for me. Many years ago I drove clear across Utah trying to find one pay phone that would work for me. Before we left this morning Lou started a pot of beans in the pressure slow cooker. Nice to have dinner ready when we get home.

Tuesday: (01/18) French toast and sausage fr breakfast. I dropped Dawn off downtown Yuma so she could visit the book store. i then headed over to the border crossing at Los Algodones to the dentist. I crossed at 1:30 and by 2pm I was out of the dentist's office with my new crown. Seems nice. i picked up some more pecan flavored liqueur for Lou. It is good in her tea. It only took 52 minutes to get through the line back into the states. I stopped at the Quetchan casino because they have a good 3G phone signal and i was able to do some banking and this blog update.

Bluegrass Jamboree At Senator Wash Graval Pit
Bluegrass jamboree.

Senator Wash Burros Senator Wash Burros
Burros at Senator wash.

Kripple Kreek Sunset
One of our Kripple Kreek sunsets.

Wednesday: (01/19) Shredded wheat with fresh blue berries for breakfast. We prepared to roll and were away from camp by 0830. Of course there was then the required stop at the dump. One should never arrive in Quartzste with full holding tanks, especially during the big RV show week. Unfortunately, we had a little snafu this morning. The left front tire on the jeep was flat. it's had a slow leak for a while but evidently change to a fat leak. I aired it up and we headed into town with a little stop to have date milk shakes on the way.

Ed Whiehead's Tire Country Shop In Yuma
While Lou and Dawn shopped around I revisited Ed Whitehead's Tire Country,where the brakes were fixed, to get the flat fixed. We were finally on the road to Quartzsite about 12:30. Lunch was apples and peanut butter along the way.

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