Monday, February 7, 2011

Swansea Ghost Town

Swansea Ghost Town Smelter Ruins Swansea ghost Town Employee Housing
Monday: (02/07) Swansea Townsite is a ghost town located East of Parker about 27 miles. We drove out Shea Road from Parker then turned onto the Swansea Road which is a gravel road for 17 more miles to the old town. You can also get to it from Bouse. While we probably could have made it there and back in the old Volvo, having the Jeep took away all the worries. Possibly the worst spots in the road were a couple of ruts that crossed the road where the Parker 425 racers entered and exited the road. They drove on the road for a few miles in between and wore some good ruts all along that section as well. We looked around the old town and copper smelter buildings. We also took a Jeep road out toward the Bill Williams River but stopped a few miles out when it was getting late enough for we amateur off roaders to get on toward home. Of course it took half as long to get back as it did to get out. Some spots in the road looked challenging but the Jeep made all with ease. We can now say we drove part of the Parker 425 route. It was probably the easiest part but that doesn't count. We'll have to return with friends and do more of the roads there.

We enjoyed the Blue Water Casino buffet breakfast. Our lunch was ham sandwiches and chips at Swansea with a fellow from Alaska who was camping there. We took advantage of the opportunity to ask some questions about Alaska.

Dinner was BBQ ribs with a baked potato and carrot and raisin salad.

Tuesday: (02/08) I had oatmeal while Lou had more hot and sour soup for breakfast. Lou started the day with visits to all the local thrift stores in Parker. I went trough the mail. We had lunch at the casino buffet. Can't beat the price. I went out to locate some geo-caches in the afternoon. Some were in Earp, Ca, just across the river where Wyatt Earp spent his last years. BBQ ribs with cottage cheese and carrot and raisin salad for dinner. Quite windy all day.

Wednesday: (02/09) We had breakfast at the casino before heading toward Quartzsite.

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