Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Quick Trip To Fresno

Thursday: (05/26) We got up early and hooked up the Jeep and were off toward Fresno by 8am. Lou was nice enough to do the hooking up since my back was acting up. Lou's niece Ashley is graduating from high school and all graduations are special.
It was a little overcast in Palo Alto as we left. Our first stop was in Los Banos for a stretch. It was very smoky in and especially East of town. Must have been a fire though we didn't see anything. We arrived at Ashley's place, parked the RV and Lou placed the leveling blocks. This is kind of nice having her do all the heavy lifting.  We then headed off to lunch.

Everyone there was busy preparing so just Lou, Dawn and I went to have Basque food downtown at the Shepard's Inn, excellent lunch. We skipped the entre and just have the fixings, known there as the Shepard's lunch. A hearty fresh bread, soup, nice green salad,  shrimp potato salad, rice pilaf, and beef stew. Definitely a place to return to.

Ashley's Fellow Graduates
The graduation was held at Sav-Mart Center at Fresno State. Nice place but we should have brought our binoculars. Ashley is the 11th from the left in the first row in the photo above. It took unusually long for the ceremony because as they had each student come out they read a short statement from each student usually thanking family, friends and teachers. There were only around 160 students in this class so it didn't take as long as it would have for my graduation with way over 600 graduates. If all my high school freshmen class (2500) had graduated as seniors it would have been a months long ceremony. My senior class shrunk due to school splits and a few people who were delayed graduating.

Ashley's After Grad Hair Do Graduation Book Burning
Later we returned to Ashley's place where her parents threw a party and BBQ. Lou provided some games for the kids, mostly text book tortures and a balloon fight. Now, when's the next graduation? Ashley is the one with the electric hair do above left.

Friday: (05/27) A sunny day in Fresno! Breakfast at Ihop then some shopping around town. New town, different thrift stores. We enjoyed lunch at the World Chinese Buffet on Blackstone. We finally left town about 4:30 PM. We stopped for a stretch in Los Banos. Dinner was leftover tofu and vegetable stir fry and cheese cake.
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