Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final Prep To Leave

Saturday: (05/28) I had some leftover potatoes and a sausage for breakfast. That got me outside early. We came home, a month ago now, to prepare to leave for Alaska and for Ashley's graduation. The graduation is now out of the way but other than that, little has been accomplished. I've been on light duty for the past couple of weeks but now I need to get going so we can actually leave. I spent the morning welding up some stuff to work as a rock apron between the RV and the Jeep. It's just a horizontal barrier rather than a shield or nose cover. I hope it works. I'll also make a shield as a backup. We had light rain sprinkles occasionally throughout the day to make it interesting. Lou and Dawn were busy baby sitting Spunky the cat while Courtney is  away. Chili sizes for lunch. Salmon and rice with a Waldorf salad for dinner.

Sunday: (05/29) I was up and off early to San Francisco, or at least that was the plan. I misread the train schedule and the first train was at 8:30 rather than 7:30. On the weekend schedule, the 7:30 train doesn't run on Sunday, just Saturday. That cause a bit of delay and made me a little late for the parade.

Carnval Parade In San Francisco Carnval Parade In San Francisco
The Carnival parade started at 10am and I arrived at 10:05.  The parade doesn't have anything to do with getting ready to leave but is always interesting.

Carnval Parade In San Francisco
With our rain yesterday and evening I was worried today wouldn't be good for a parade but the weather was perfect. My delay made me stop by Jack in the Box for a breakfast sandwich. I normally arrive for the parade early and enjoy breakfast at one of the restaurants in the Mission District. After the parade, which ended about 12:30, I was thinking lunch. A lot of other people had the same idea so most places were crowded but my appetite was also acting up. I didn't like the smell of most of the places I considered. The end result was that I just  headed home. Lou and Dawn weren't home so I picked up a super nachos at out local beanery. Lou and Dawn went over to Half Moon bay for the day checking all the interesting shops.

(05/30) Lou fixed some excellent home fried potatoes with chorizo for breakfast.

RV Rock Guard Under Construction RV Rock Guard Under Construction
I spent the day completing the rock guard frame. Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches. For dinner we had artichokes with grilled chicken and white beans. After dinner I hooked up the Jeep to the RV and and took it for a spin around the block to see how the rock guards work and check clearances. All was well but i may make an adjustment tomorrow to make it better. We also can measure it so Lou can make the fabric for the guards. Lou's been busy all day packing and with the laundry.

Tuesday: (05/31) Breakfast more of the same from yesterday. Cook once eat many times. Lou and I hit the hardware stores OSH, Home Depot, and Lowe's looking for shade cloth to use for the rock guard and also some other hardware.

RV Rock Guard Under Construction RV Rock Guard Under Construction
Never satisfied, I spent the afternoon reworking some of the rock guard. My first try set the guard tilted too far forward., It looks better now. Now it's in Lou's court to sew the fabric for it.

Cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou was down in San Jose with Dawn this afternoon. Dinner was Leftover lima beans and ham.

Wednesday: (06/01) Irish oatmeal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Chinese food for lunch from New Tung Kee Restaurant our usual chow fun with egg rolls and an avocado smoothie.. Dinner at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant. We had the three course meal specials tortilla soup, chili relleno and beef enchilada with flan for desert. Lou was busy all day sewing the fabric for the rock shields. I did some organizing and cleanup of some compartments in the RV and worked in the office. It was an overcast day with many sprinkles and a couple of good showers today.

Rock Apron Rock Guard
Thursday: (06/02) I was busy working on our taxes all day. Lou was busy sewing the rock guard fabric. Fun, Fun! Oatmeal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Dawn made pizza for dinner. After dinner, Lou finished the fabric. We installed it and took the rv with toad out to see if it worked with Lou and my brother Ernie in a chase car. It worked.

Friday: (06/03) I was busy finishing our tax return. With that done and a few other simple tasks we can finally depart. Lou was doing more packing and cleaning and the occasional cat visit and thrift store visit. Leftover Dawn's pizza for lunch. Breakfast was leftovers from Chevy's the other night. Rice and beans with some added fried eggs. Lou made some special cornbread with sausage, olives, peppers, onions and cheese served with avocado..

Saturday: (06/04) We spent the day doing final packing and preparation to leave tomorrow. I cleaned out the lower compartments removing anything we haven't used and won't need. i also tested the satellite system again. It's still doesn't work. Finds the satellite, says it's connected but doesn't work. Again it indicates a bad modem so maybe we'll stop in Oregon and get another one. Lou visited the kitten this morning and gave it a bath. She sure is well mannered.

Spunky the kitten playing
I haven't visited Spunky the kitten in a week or two. We stopped by this afternoon and my how she's grown. When we thought we were ready to leave, we heard on the evening news that CO detectors will be required in all residences in California effective this July. We'll be gone so I dashed out and got some. Our's is installed but tomorrow morning I'll go down to San Jose and install a couple there. Then we can still depart tomorrow morning, just a little bit latter. Cereal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Leftover Lou's special cornbread for lunch. Clam chowder and toasted bread for dinner.


  1. We're leaving soon for Alaska, too! We leave Friday--but will spend the first month in Idaho, Montana, Banff, and Jasper. We'll get to Dawson Creek and mile zero on July 4 or 5. Maybe we'll see each other on the road. I'll follow your progress via your blog, and maybe you can see where we are on mine.

  2. Our itinerary is much like your's (per your blog). We have no reservations and no specifics except to head as far North as we can. We hope to depart by the end of this week. We do intend to bee line into Canada. We explored most of the Northwest US before. We will likely get to mile zero before early July. There aren't too many roads up there so we'll likely pass each other.