Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ninilchik River View Campground, Ninilchik, Alaska

Sunday: (07/24) We prepared to leave Homer and finally left about 11am. We didn't go to far, just up to Ninilchik.

Ninilchik River View CG Chorizo And Mini Ravioli Soup
We stopped to checked the Ninilchik River View campground and liked it so we stayed. After lunch we took a long walk down to the beach which is down a lot of stairs.

Ninilchik River Village Rotten Boat On Beach Ninilchik River Village Flowers
We walked up the beach and passed this old wooden fishing boat. Also saw a few flowers, of course. At the end of the beach is a small harbor which really kind of odd. At low tide all the boats sit in the mud. There were about 30 commercial fishing boats there in the mud.

Ninilchik River Village Ninilchik River Village
We looked around the old village and up the hill to the Russian orthodox church. Above left is a look at the Ninilchik Village from above by the church.

Ninilchik River Village Russian Orthodox Church Ninilchik Russian Orthox Cemetary
On top of a hill above the village is this Russian Orthodox Church (Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel). Next to the church are a couple of cemeteries. One belongs to the church, the other, I believe, to the American Legion.

Ninilchik was settled by the Russians. The Russian fur trading company needed a place for their employees to retire after they had harvested most of the furs so they set up retirement villages on some islands and here at Ninilchik. When we looked around the two cemeteries by the church we were surprised that none of the grave markers date back to that period. We completed our walk and took a drive around "town". The little general store is quite interesting. We also found a local bakery which we'll have to visit tomorrow when they're open.

Leftover chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Chorizo, mini ravioli soup with garlic Parmesan toasted bread for lunch. Pork chops with Mexican rice and beans for dinner.

Monday: (07/25) Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. We started the morning retracing some of our footsteps, in the car, so that Dawn could take some pictures. We stopped by the bakery we saw and got a few things for later.

Ninilchik Deep Creek Beach Boat Launching Ninilchik Deep Creek Beach Boat Launching
We drove down to Deep Creek beach to see the boats launch there. Looking at the "harbor" at Ninilchik village made us wonder where all the charter fishing boats here were launching. Above shows how they launch at the Deep Creek Beach.

We hooked up and then enjoyed our bakery treats for lunch. We then were off up the road to Soldotna.
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