Sunday, July 31, 2011

On The Road To Denali

Sunday: (07/31) We were up early and on the road to Anchorage. We had breakfast at McDonald's Lou and Dawn had egg McMuffins and i had a sausage McGriddle. They don't come close to being as good as Don McMuffins but were convenient this morning. we had a lot to do today. Our destination today was to be outside of Denali National Park so we can go in to our campsite tomorrow. It's 30 miles in on the Park road and 15 miles past the open road. Only campers get to go in to the campgrounds beyond mile 15. We'll be there 6 days so we need to get stocked up. We also need to replace the broken microwave.

We checked at Walmart, Costco, Fred Meyer, and Best Buy for an appropriate microwave oven.  Appropriate is one that required the least amount of retrofit for installation and had appropriate other features and also wasn't too costly.. We found a couple of that were close but most were not. The close ones would have worked but would be quite right. At Best Buy we found one that was perfect and got it. It fit the opening in the vent frame perfectly and required only a little bending of mounting hardware and drilling a few holes in the oven to look just like the original. Of course, finding it an installing it too a little time. Lunch was roast chicken and pepper soup. We completed that task and our shopping by 4:30 and finally were on the road from Anchorage to Denali, a mere 240 miles. We had made reservations at Denali RV Park in Healy and confirmed our late arrival. This will be our third night in an RV park on this trip. We decided to do it here so we can easily empty the holding tanks and fill with water before we go in to the park. Every thing needs to last for our stay there. We can't come back pout and go back in. Once in your in for the length of your visit. It rained all the way up, very little to be seen due to the low clouds. No views of Denali on the way up. We stopped for dinner along the way at a rest stop, garlic bologna sandwiches. We arrived and checked in to the RV park about 9:45.
(GPS: 63.82146073, -148.98898733)
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