Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rain and No Power

Wednesday: (03/14) Today is one of Lou's days off. Breakfast wasn't memorable, yet?
Dawn and I were headed to Costco for a few things and lunch but ran into a problem. The Jeep's battery was dead. It started fairly easily when jumped using the old Volvo but wouldn't run. Something more seriously wrong, probably the new battery we got at Walmart in October. But it's raining today so no hurry to fix it because no emergency to go anywhere. I don't trust the old Volvo enough to drive it anywhere even though it started easily for the first time in weeks. I don't really feel like walking home. We're looking to donate it pretty soon to make room for a new car. The other Volvo was busy elsewhere. Dawn made olive loaf with horseradish cheese sandwiches for lunch. We met with an energy consultant to confirm there is no way to make solar power work here at the house. Too many big trees on the South side. Seems the sun needs to hit the panels, or something like that. Who knew? No way to mount them elsewhere. I made creamy ham, onion, and potato soup for dinner.

Thursday: (03/15) Breakfast burritos for breakfast using the leftover kale omelet from a couple of days ago. Today is another of Lou's days off so she's busy doll making. I played in the office. Lunch was cottage cheese and fresh pineapple. I hooked up the Jeep's battery to the Volvo and ran it during lunch to charge the battery. Unfortunately it seems to be OK meaning the problem is deeper in the jeep. We had a good rain yesterday and last night but today has just been overcast with no rain. After lunch, the battery was charged enough and held it's charge. Darn, can't blame the battery.  I reinstalled it in the Jeep and the thing started right up. Gremlins? Actually there was a bit more spark than I thought was right so I checked and it was drawing 2.4 amps. Seemed high. I thought it might be the sticky brake light switch but it wasn't. More checking disclosed that the interior lights were staying on. Should go out after about a minute or less. They didn't seem to go out. Might just be a symptom of reconnecting the battery but I removed the fuse for the lights as a precaution. I then took it for a spin to get some run time on the engine. I still need to get the smog check completed and can't do that until the car decides to finish it's internal diagnostic tests. The dead battery causes the computer to reboot in the Jeep so the tests begin again, so no progress in the past week. I made Spanish rice for dinner.

Friday: (03/16) Dawn made toast and ham for breakfast.  Lou, Dawn and our neighbor Meili were out at the Stanford rummage sale and other shopping details in Redwood City. I took the Jeep to the shop but it still isn't ready to get it's smog test, of course. I hoped it might have had a miraculous cure,. It didn't.  The two diagnostics still haven't completed. I also installed some LED lamps in Ernie's trailer. We had leftover Spanish rice for lunch. We all returned to Redwood City for more shopping as the rain started. Lou made Chinese vegetables, tofu and noodles for dinner. In the evening the storm really picked up to deluge mode, the heaviest rain in quite a while. It stopped by midnight and was gone.

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