Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Officially Retired, Again

Saturday: (06/09) Berry pie for breakfast. Lunch at LUU noodel house. Lou and I shared a chow fun combination while Dawn had fried rice. We also had some egg rolls. Leftovers for dinner. I had pizza, Lou had ham salad. And Dawn had prime rib. In the afternoon Lou had an appointment that I took her to.

This evening, when I finally read today's mail, I found a letter from Social Security. It was confirmation that my application was successful. A little less than a month ago I applied online and that seemed simple. It was Saturday evening. We were out most of the day that following Monday and sometime around 1130 there had been a call asking where I was and that I missed my 11 am appointment at the local office. What appointment. There was evidently some confusion at SS. I called back and never could connect with the person that called and they never called back. I assumed that they got their act together and didn't need to talk to me after all but a call back would have been nice. Evidently I assumed correctly. Based on the letter received today I was to get my first check this coming Monday. Another minor problem. I checked my bank online and found that they had already deposited the first payment last Monday. Early is nice, only three weeks after I applied. Actually pretty efficient. This second retirement is only eight years after my real retirement. Not as exciting as the first one but still quite enjoyable.

Sunday: (06/10) Berry pie for breakfast out in the backyard under the arbor. Leftovers for lunch. I had fried rice and meat balls. Lou had spaghetti squash and meat balls. For dinner I prepared loaded baked potatoes. Chili Colorado over baked potatoes, onions, black beans and cheese. Dawn and I went out to a few Garage sales. Dawn didn't find anything she needed but I did. A nice quart pyrex measuring cup ($1) and a network connected power control module ($10). Everyone needs at least one of each of those.

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