Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Tomato

Wednesday: (05/30) We were off toward Home Depot first thing this morning. We stopped in at the Me Pueblo market for breakfast. We shared a shredded beef and eggs breakfast with rice and beans and fresh corn tortillas and added a port tomale. Very good. I picked up some plywood and hardboard panels and a few other things, When we returned home I tinkered in the backyard doing some work on the walkway some storage shed organization, and some gardening. Lou went to the laundromat to wash some big things, a bed spread and a rug. Lunch was a chili size. For dinner we went out to the Sweet Tomato restaurant A new one opened up closer to home in Mountain View about 5 miles from home.

Thursday: (05/31) Leftover banana craisin muffin with yogurt, honey, and blueberries for breakfast. I started to morning by pruning the wisteria. The fronds were poking out all over threatening to take over the yard. I started dinner in the crock pot, pork chops with sauerkraut and potatoes. Other than that I just waited for the gardener to come and finish before I started digging again. I had a fairly productive day, as evidenced by the growth of the dirt pile. No lunch for me. Lou met Dawn and they went to Armadillo Willie's BBQ. And of course, dinner was the stuff in the crock.

Friday: (06/01) Leftover rice pancakes with our olallieberries for breakfast. I spent the day digging and finished the area in front of the greenhouse. Now my dirt pile is quite big. Leftover chowmein for lunch. Zucchini with onions and sausage for dinner. The zucchini was from our garden and our neighbors garden. The neighbor, Meili joined us for dinner.

Saturday: (06/02) I used the leftover potatoes and sauerkraut homefried potatoes served with sausage patties and eggs for breakfast. I was back at it digging in the yard today. Not too much to do today, just some trimming around the greenhouse. Of course, I found a sprinkler pipe with the maul and caused a little flood. I also managed to finish completely breaking the bucket of my wheelbarrow and I noticed that I'm about to have a blowout as well. I took the frame apart. I had to grind off the rusted bolts. I then welded it all back together. There is also a split in the tire so it's time to get a replacement. It still works for now but will probably fail anytime. The wheelbarrow is 38 years old so maybe it is time. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I noticed harbor Freight had a special on replacement wheels so I browsed their advertising flyer and made a shopping list. I took a trip to the store and was able to get everything except the wheel. They were sold out. Their price is so much less, and I'm so cheap, that I'll wait until they get more in. BBQ ribs with Spanish rice and a green salad for dinner. After dinner we went to the movies. We went to the Stanford Theater downtown and saw a couple of Howard Hawks movies. Red River and O. Henry's Full House (1952). We were a little late thinking to go so we saw the 7:30 show so the last film didn't finish until midnight. We like the theater because the pipe organ is played during intermissions.

Sunday: (06/03) More leftover potatoes and sauerkraut homefried potatoes served with sausage patties and eggs for breakfast. I didn't do much outsie but i did repair the broken sprinkler line. Popcorn for lunch. We took Lou to an appointment and stopped at Carrow's for dinner. Lou and Dawn had prime rib while I had a pot roast sandwich and Ernie had a pot roast dinner. A slice of Ernie's berry pie for desert.

Monday: (06/04) We were up early and took a walk around the neighborhood before I took Lou to her appointment. I returned home and picked up Dawn and we went to breakfast at the Country Inn in Cupertino. I had the CFS with potatoes and eggs. Dawn had maple syrup sausage with potatoes and ham and we both had their Swiss pancakes. Too much and too good. We picked up Lou and returned home. Lunch was grilled cheese and hotdog sandwiches. The day started out nice but it rained mid morning and was windy all the rest of the day. I spent some time watching a contractor for the city replacing some sewer laterals a couple of house down the street. They have some neat tools but still were defeated by some troublesome roots they couldn't clear from the line they were connecting to so they ended up leaving that house with no sewer tonight. Now that could be a problem. I prepared Swedish meat balls with fresh green beans, sauteed mushrooms and baked potatoes all with some gravy.

Tuesday: (06/05) Yes, we had too many bananas, so that was breakfast. Lou's tomato, pepper and ham salad for lunch. Papa John's pizza for dinner. Today was a relaxing day with nothing accomplished.

Wednesday: (06/06) Banana for breakfast. Home fried garlic potatoes with Italian sausage and eggs for lunch. Dawn's Basque vegetable soup with Hawaiian rolls for dinner.  Another relaxing day of little accomplishments.

Thursday: (06/07) Potatoes sausage and eggs for breakfast. leftover pizza for lunch. Italian beef noodles and broccoli for dinner. Another relaxing day of little accomplishments.

Friday: (06/08) Sauerkrauted potatoes with eggs and sausage for breakfast. I plucked a pale of our olallieberries and baked a couple of pies. Leftovers Italian shredded beef and noodles for lunch. Spaghetti squash with meatballs and some green beans for dinner. Otherwise another relaxing day.

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