Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day After Friday The 13th

Saturday: (06/14) Made to the day after Friday the 13th so all is well. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lou's able to get outside now so we enjoyed our morning tea in the back yard. I plucked almost all the apricots from the tree. I left only a few to be enjoyed on backyard strolls. I also did other gardening and sprinkler adjusting and repairs. When I came in, I prepared the apricots for the freezer.

I've completed the move from my previous host to the new host. One of the biggest problems was a change from a Linux server to a Windows server. Doesn't seem like it should be a problem but it's a major difference. Another problem was older installations of Wordpress that needed some changes and help getting upgraded to the latest version. This site is fully restored as are RVexperience/info and There's more work to be done to several other minor sites.

Lunch was a corned beef and cheese sandwich. Dawn made macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Sunday: (06/15)We all took a walk this afternoon. Lou and Dawn visited a craft swap and I visited the California Avenue Farmers Market. The market has doubled in size since i last visited it a few months ago. Today was Fathers Day and Dawn gave me a set of Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour DVDs. Otherwise my Fathers Day is tomorrow when I get to choose where they are taking be to lunch. We hate crowds so rarely go out on holidays. It's nice to stretch the legs. I haven't been doing much and can feel myself rusting up.

Leftover hash for breakfast and lunch. Pork chop with sauerkraut and potatoes from the slow cooker which I started before breakfast. Nice mellow sauerkraut.

Monday: (06/16) I spent the day transporting Dawn, shopping, and computing. I fixed scrambled eggs with spinach and sausage for breakfast. For lunch Lou and Dawn took Ernie and i out to the Talk Of Broadway restaurant in Redwood City (my choice). I had crepes, Ernie Fish and chips, Lou a pork chop and Dawn a wonderful pear salad.

Tuesday: (06/17)I planted some more lettuce and some bok choi in the greenhouse. Then I decided to wash the RV. It wasn't washed after our last trip to Pismo Beach. The i thought, why not clean the roof really well and reseal it with rubber roof conditioner. That morphed into needing to prune the tree over the RV first. That developed into deciding to do and extensive prune job. I'm supposed to remove the tree when i get a chance and today turned into the chance. i removed half of the tree, that part over the RV. It is the neighbor's tree and I still have to remove the other two major limbs that cover her front yard and roof area. She's been wanting me to remove it for a while. I filled our compost bins with a good part of the trimmings cut into tiny pieces. Garbage day is tomorrow so i should be able to fill up the bins with the rest of the trimmings and possibly start cutting the rest of the tree. Now that the tree limbs over the RV are gone the solar will work better. Now to find a way to use it while at home. I also got a call from my satellite Internet service about renewing for the next year. I finally decided to suspend the account which keeps the account alive but suspends service for a fee. After six months of inactivity it will be automatically reactivated unless I decide to cancel it. The system is getting old but I still like the idea of having communications and Internet in the middle of nowhere, where we often try to be. Sauerkrauted potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. Corned beef and cheese sandwich for lunch/ leftover sauerkraut potatoes and porkchops for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/18) Today is garbage day and I need to wait for the compost bins to be emptied so I can refill them with the rest of yesterdays prunings. Unfortunately, while the garbage and recycle barrels are empty by 0800, the compost doesn't get emptied until after noon.  I relaxed in the morning until the barrels were empty them almost filled the three huge bins. I have about half a barrel to go so I'll probably cut off another limb to top the barrel off. The rest of the tree will have to wait until next week. Donuts for breakfast. Corned beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Egg plant with Myzithra cheese noodles for dinner.

Thursday: (06/19) I took a hike with my group from Wunderlich Park in Woodside up to Alice's Restaurant on Skyline Blvd. Nice day and really nice to get out. Sausage with potatoes for breakfast. A nice hamburger at Alice's.

Friday: (06/20) I took Dawn up to San Mateo for an appointment in the morning. In the afternoon,  Lou had an appointment.

Saturday: (06/21) Grocery shopping day. The usual route of Walmart, Sprout's and Grocery outlet. We all went. Breakfast at the Walmart McDonald's.

Sunday: (06/22) Mostly relaxed inside today. Dawn and I visited the Farmers Market with a stop at Fry's Electronic's on th way home.  I did get out and pruned another limb of the neighbors tree and finished loading our last compost bin. Harvested five really nice tomatoes from the garden as well as an eggplant.

Monday: (06/23) I was tinkering on the computer much of the day. Cereal for breakfast. Lunch from LUU Noodle House. Dawn and I made Shepherd's pie for dinner. Lou provided instructions on how to make it but it still turned out different that usual.

Tuesday: (06/24) Lou had a PT appointment this morning. After that i took her to lunch at AQUI's Mexican restaurant in Cupertino. I've been there a few times with my hiking group. It's y fellow hike host, Bob's, favorite lunch spot. I've brought Dawn here before but thought Lou might like it. Of course, Bob was there as well with a friend. We joined them and enjoyed our lunch and a long chat. I think Lou really enjoyed it. Leftover Shepherd's Pie for breakfast. Lou had a Qusodillas and I had cheese soup with a wrap for lunch. Dinner was baked beans with grilled onions and cheese and wieners.

Wednesday: (06/25) Nothing productively accomplished today. Granola for breakfast. Corned beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Spanish rice for dinner.

Thursday: (06/26) I met my fellow hikers and led a hike of the Tarwater Loop Trail at Pescadero Creek County Park, which is next door to Portola State Park. The hike was only 5.9 miles with our side trip to visit Pescadero Creek. This is the first hike I've led for a couple of months and I really just wanted a half dozen hikers and when I've scheduled this hike in the past I've always had small groups due to the distance from the valley and the difficulty of finding the trailhead. This time I had 19 hikers sign up and 18 made it. Only one got lost. While we had a little rain last night and it was filly overcast this morning, by the time we hit the trail the sky was clear and the coastal mountain fog was gone. A nice hike. I did my usual after hike afternoon of relaxing. I received some new batteries for our cell phones today. Mine had developed a very short life suddenly and I'll need a good life when I get back to the trail. My breakfast was a wiener with some leftover Spanish rice. Corned beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Broccoli with chicken for dinner.

Friday: (06/27) We made a shopping run to Costco today. Much of the rest of the day and evening was spent binge watching the Eli Stone TV series. Home fried potatoes and bacon for breakfast. A Costco lunch. Roast chicken with cauliflower for dinner.

Saturday: (06/28) We had morning tea in the back yard. I then got carried away doing some yard work. I pruned the wisteria arbor and cleaned the water fountain. That concluded my days work. My next task was to contribute to my off trail rusting by continuing binge watching the Eli Stone TV series. Granola for breakfast. Egg plant with corn on the cob and roast chicken for lunch. Dawn's potato leek soup for dinner.

Sunday: (06/29) Granola for breakfast. A spam and cheese sandwich for lunch. More Shepherd's pie for dinner.

Monday: (06/30) Lou and Dawn had appointments this morning. I was the chauffeur. I fixed wiener hash for breakfast. Lunch at the Sweet Tomato restaurant. Leftover Shepherd's pie for dinner. After dinner we did most of our grocery shopping.




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