Sunday, May 29, 2016

Carnival San Francisco

Sunday: (05/29) I was up early and off to San Bruno to catch a ride on BART to the Carnival Parade in San Francisco. I got there about 30 minutes before it opens. Public transit doesn’t open its doors until 0800 on Sunday? And they expect people to use it rather than driving. I got off at the 24th treet station in thee Mission District right on the parade route. I like to get there early to have breakfast. I had a breakfast burrito at one of the restaurants.
SF Carnival Parade 0529160847_HDR
I also like the before parade preparation as mush as the parade. It looked a little like Cuba with all the old cars. Most of these are modified low riders with jumping suspension systems.
SF Carnival Parade 0529161055a_HDR SF Carnival Parade 0529161148_HDR
The weather was nice. It was a nice parade lasting from 1000-1330. I liked everything but the sub-base running at 150db. Next year I’ll bring ear plugs, I keep forgetting them.
SF Carnival Parade 0529161447_HDR SF Carnival Parade 0529161720_HDR
After the parade I took a walk out into Noe Valley and stopped for a lunch at the Crepevine. Actually I had a wonderful slice of apple pie ala mode and tea. I continued my walk out to the Marina area. I stopped in a small hardware store, Fredericksen Hardware. It was a really great little store where you could find anything, not like the can’t find anything big box hardware chains. I found some nice drawer pulls i need for my dresser that had one break. Really cheap due to being miss marked with a price that they honored. I finished my walk with a stop for pizza at Golden Boy Pizza off Columbus Avenue. Then I walked through China Town back to BART and returned to my car and then home. 

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