Monday, May 9, 2016

New AC For RV

Monday: (05/09) Granola for breakfast. I managed to avoid work until 1030 then went outside. i trimmed the apricot tree. it has some infection that is killing branches all over the tree, about 10%. I trimmed off all the affected areas. I then used a couple of 2″x4″ to make crossbars for the Jeeps roof rack. i need to get real ones sometime. i needed the crossbars to carry my scaffolding from San Jose to Palo Alto. I then went down to Dawn’s house and loaded my scaffolding on top of the Jeep. It takes a while to tie it all down. On the way home I stopped for lunch at la Victoria for a quesodilla. Just as i got home the delivery truck arrived with our new dishwasher. I sat it aside in the kitchen to install later. I unloaded the scaffolding and set it up by the RV. I wanted it to provide short lifts to move the old AC off the RV roof and the new one on top without having to reach too far. Each lift was only about 4 feet. I got them swapped but didn’t hook it up yet. Lou made tacos for dinner. Dawn made chunky apple sauce for desert.
Tuesday: (05/10) Granola for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were gone most of the day in San Jose including attending an event at San Jose State university. did some Internet research and then hooked up the thermostat and control box to the air conditioner and it tested good. Frankly, some installation instructions could have come in handy but there were none with either the AC or the thermostat/control box. The new unit seems to cool well, start and stop easier and draw less current. It wasn’t really too hot today so hopefully it works well in real heat.  I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and I made a shopping run to the Grocery outlet in the evening.
Wednesday: (05/11) Lou made a nice ham and eggs breakfast with fried potatoes. She and Dan were off after that to Fresno to visit family. I relaxed much of the morning and attended a webinar at 1000. After that I finally got to work. I removed the old dishwasher and looked at what was involved in installing the new on. I even read the directions, not that they were too helpful though. The water supply line was different enough that I needed to go to the hardware store to get parts. OSH, and probably most big city hardware stores, don’t have much of a selection of odd fittings and, of course, I needed some. I finally collected some parts that will do the job without replacing everything, not perfect but OK. On my rest break i watched several training videos then finally had the dishwasher installed and tested and all my tools put away by 1800. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I took a shower and then walked over to our Corner Bakery Cafe for a chopped salad for dinner.

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