Monday, July 25, 2016

PCT MM1198 To MM1177

PCT Views Leaving Sierra City SB 0725160721a_HDR PCT Views Leaving Sierra City SB 0725160722c_HDR
Monday: (07/25) Left early by eating a trail breakfast rather than going to the Red Moose.  Above is the Yuba River where i crossed it as i let Sierra City. Later in the morning some smoke came in due to fires elsewhere in the state.
PCT Views South Of Sierra City 0725160920_HDR
Above is Milton Creek. I camped at MM1177 hiking  18 miles today. My phone died about 1500. Nice of it to wait to almost the end of my hike. Interesting hiking without it. I got my tablet out as a replacement but that doesn’t help with internet from mobile nor making phone calls. From Sierra City it was 41 miles to Truckee. I did 20 miles today .
GPS: 39.461432, -120.471933

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