Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PCT MM1280 To MM1265, Bucks Lake

PCT Approaching Bucks Lake SB 0719160633_HDR Lily Pond Approaching Bucks Lake 0719160921a_HDR
Tuesday: (07/19) A nice walk on to Bucks Lake. 15 miles today. Above left is the trail just beyond where I camped. Another 2000′ climb to get to the top of the ridge to enjoy a nice rolling hike the rest of the way to Bucks Lake. On the right is a lily pond.
Views pproaching Bucks Lake 0719161155_HDR Views pproaching Bucks Lake 0719161243_HDR
Some nice views on the way.
Trail Angel Sign At Bucks Lake 0719161619_HDR At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake 0719161802_HDR
MM1265 at Bucks Lake.  Above left is the sign about the trail Angels at Bucks Lake. I called and got a lift in to their place. They asked me to pick up the sign as it was their last day. I  was the next to the last guest to arrive. Terry and Nancy Williams place call their  place Honker Pass because geese fly by their deck each morning and evening. They pick you up at the trailhead, feed you, provide showers and wash and return you to the trailhead.  Only problem is no cell signal nor WiFi.
At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake 0719162058_HDR
A campfire. They have a house guitar and accordion.  Amazing that thre of the 12 guests could play the accordion?

GPS: 39.867486, -121.169114

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