Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wunderlich Park to Alice’s Restaurant

Wednesday: (11/16) I fixed sausage egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. i was off early for a hike at Wunderlich Park in Woodside. My carpool companion became sick so i was off by myself. This is a nice hike up through mixed forest to the top of the mountain with a stop at the top at Alice’s Restaurant for lunch. We take up the whole patio with our 22 hikers. I enjoyed a nice BBQ beef brisket sandwich. We then hiked back finishing about 1400. A nice shower at home and I was good to relax. On the drive today the new rear view camera had a dimmer slightly out of focus view especially compared to the excellent quality of the forward facing camera. When I got home I removed the protective plastic film that was still on it. Lou and Dawn made a soup/stew for dinner.
Wunderlich Park 1116160954 Wunderlich Park 1116161034_HDR
Another nice mushroom above left. On the right the group waits at the meadow.
Wunderlich Park 1116161321 Wunderlich Park 1116161322a Wunderlich Park 1116161402-001 Wunderlich Park 1116161404
Another mushroom. The clan at the redwood  tree circle. First time hikers have to have their photo taken at the tree on the right two photos.

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