Sunday, May 28, 2017

Carnaval San Francisco

Sunday: (05/28) Dawn and I headed North to Millbrae to catch BART to San Francisco. We stopped at Neil’s coffee shop for breakfast. Dawn and I shared a nice bacon mushroom and cheese omelet with pancakes. Enough for two and we left some. We arrived in SF at 0915 at the Civic Center Station. I walked Dawn to the Library then caught BART back to the 24th Street Station. Today was the Carnaval Parade which I like to attend. The weather was too cool for nice viewing. When the sun did come out late in the parade there was a cheer from the crowd and participants. After the parade, I had lunch at El Tomate restaurant on 24th Street. I enjoyed a nice chili relleno. I then watched the takedown of the parade and the KPIX broadcast remote setup. After that, I met Dawn at the library and we returned to Millbrae via BART. Then on to home. The reason we needed to drive to Millbrae was that Caltrain doesn’t begin running trains until 0838, too late to get the start of the parade at 1000. BART starts service at 0701. Leftover spaghetti for dinner. Time to relax.

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