Friday, June 30, 2017

Long Ridge OSP Hike

Friday: (06/30) I made ham, cheese and spinach artichoke dip sandwiches for Dan and I. We didn’t have any eggs. I hoped it would last for my hike. It did. At 0900 Katherine and Alex met me and Katherine drove us up to Grizzly Flats for our hike. We joined the other 11 hikes there for our 1000 hike around the Longridge OSP. This is the same hike I’ve led here before. Jonathan, our leader for this hike added a little post hike for some of the interested hikers over to a sort of waterfall on Peters Creek, about an additional 2 miles making our hike a total of 10.2 miles. At home I showered then had some leftover apricot blintzes and mac and cheese for a late lunch addition and dinner.

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