Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Outfitting The New RV

Tuesday: (10/24) Corned beef steaks with eggs and potatoes for breakfast. A little office work in the morning. Then I installed a new faucet in our small bathroom where the faucet continually ran. Cheaper and easier to replace than fix a ceramic faucet. I also moved the hose on the RV sink and removed the unused water filter spigot. Lou and I went out looking for flooring, containers, and other stuff. Along the way, we got dim sum for lunch at Dim Sum King. Leftover corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/25) I spent most of the day moving stuff into the RV and building a shelf for the water storage cabinet.Gnocchi and wieners for lunch.  In the evening Lou and I went out container shopping. We had dinner at Los Altos Taqueria.

Thursday: (10/26) Oatmeal for breakfast. I started by going through my electronics and office stuff and stowing in a cabinet. I installed a couple of paper towel holders. I went through the spare parts box. Then set up the water and sewer stuff in new 5 gallon buckets. During all this I purged about half of the original load. My solar parts order arrived from AMsolar so I went through the items and started preparing to install the system.   Porkchop chili and rice for lunch and dinner.



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