Friday, October 27, 2017

Picchetti Stevens Canyon Loop

Friday: (10/27) Breakfast at Jack In The Box. I met my fellow hikers at Picchetti Ranch Open Space for a hike up into Stevens Canyon. This is one of Cornell’s hikes. There are a couple of rather steep sections but it’s only a 7.5 mile key hike. A good workout. Nice to see some of the folks I haven’t hiked with in a while. I stopped for some dim sum on the way home. At home, I found that I received my new Fantastic fan, a couple of battery switches that I didn’t expect for a couple of weeks and LED lamps for some of the interior fixtures of the RV. I took a shower and headed down to San Jose to meet Lou and Dawn. Lou found a nice loveseat sofa twin bed at a thrift store there yesterday. Today everything was 50% off so she bought it. She needed the tie down straps that were at home to tie it on the top of the Jeep. I took the slow way home to keep my speed down with the tall load. On the way, I got a call telling me that Lou and Dawn had been in an accident. She had rolled forward while stopped at a signal and hit a car. Nothing serious. At home, I got a couple of 2x4 studs and made a ramp and slide the sofa off the top of the Jeep, placed it on a couple of carts and stowed it outside pending disinfecting and cleaning. I covered it with a tarp for the night. Dinner was a hotdog and cheese sandwich.

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