Saturday, November 18, 2017

Work, Work, RV Prep

Saturday: (11/18) A sunny day. I got an email and phone call about the heater not working in San Jose. I tried to get by with telling them I’d have it looked at next week but was persuaded to replace the thermostat even though I knew it was more than that. About 0930 Dawn had me leave and drop her off in Sunnyvale at the library for a book sale. I visited Orchard hardware looking for a simple thermostat but they had none. I then stopped by Target and got some items for Lou. Next stop was Home Depot where I found a nice simple thermostat. On the way to San Jose I stopped for a couple of egg rolls at House Of Eggroll. I got involved in a Johnny Dollar radio episode so I had to listen to it all before going in to replace the thermostat.
I also went and took photos of the furnace and the information panel. At home, I had more lunch. Lou had picked up some dim sum for me. About 1500 I finally got to my planned activity for the day. I fit the final pieces of the shelf support above the new drawers and then I cut some molding to reinforce the corners of the drawers. Leftover pork, sauerkraut, and potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (11/19) An easy Sunday morning watching the morning TV shows. I also spent time preparing the announcements for hikes at the Pinnacles with my hiking group and making our campground reservations.
I finally got outside and worked on the RV closet drawers and drawer frame. It’s all finished now except for the finish. I only need cut some holes in the front of the drawers to act as their handles and to varnish or oil them tomorrow. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili sizes for dinner.

Monday: (11/20) Granola for breakfast. I spent most of the morning on the phone and scheduling some Meetup hikes for the San Jose Mid-Week Hikers. Not the easiest task with all the problems with the Meetup site currently. Next, Lou and I were off shopping at Orchard Hardware. At home, I sprayed some varnish on the drawers and drawer box. Should be ready to install tomorrow. In the evening I worked with Meetup for the hikes.  Lou and I had lunch at Los Altos Taqueria. Dawn made Toscano soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/21) I quickly installed to drawer runners on the now dry drawers and installed the drawers in the closet. Then I needed to go to San Jose to meet the furnace tech at 0900. I Stopped on the way at Cash And Carry to get a cutting board for the RV. Next, I got breakfast at La Victoria Taqueria. I arrived at the San Jose house just before 0900. A couple of minutes later the furnace tech from OC McDonald arrived. He tested the furnace and determined it needed a new control board. It wasn’t sending power to the gas valve. This all took about 20 minutes then he was off to get parts. He returned about 45 minutes later, installed the new control board and gas valve and was off at 1145. Nice on time and quick fix though it won’t be cheap. The house now has heat. On the way home I picked up lunch at the Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale.

At home, after a nap, I cut the carpet for the new bottoms of the closet and the drawer bottoms. Finished. I had a little time before dark to tinker in the new battery compartment improving the component layout. For dinner, macaroni and cheese with roasted green beans.

Wednesday: (11/22) Lou and Dawn were off grocery shopping early. I tinkered on the RV electric until they returned and Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I spent the rest of the day installing components, making cables and generally trying to complete the installation of the solar, batteries and inverter.  I did make some progress but still lots to complete. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I made a shopping run in the afternoon with Dawn. I was trying to locate some specific sized connectors but couldn’t find them.Cottage cheese and fruit with leftover rice for dinner.

Thursday: (11/23) Thanksgiving Day. Lou’s birthday. Granola for breakfast. I relaxed and stayed out of the way as best I could until dinner. We had a potluck dinner with our neighbor Meili, brother Ernie, and Cecelia. We have managed to minimize the quantity of food. Still way too much.

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