Friday, November 10, 2017

Windy Hill OSP Hike

Friday: (11/10) I enjoyed a fall hike with my San Jose Mid Week Hikers at Windy Hill OSP. 9.5 miles with the last half in rain showers. Actually a great hike. When I got home showered and had some lunch I check with Lou who was down in San Jose at the rental watching the neighbor's tree being trimmed. It’s a huge tree. The tenants mentioned that their heater wasn’t working. I checked it and it was working fine. I did notice they had installed a smart thermostat. I gave up on them many years ago due to the inability of most people to know how they work. I had reinstalled a simple thermostat many years ago. May have to do it again and replace the one they installed. While there I replaced the filter. Lou and Dawn went their way home stopping at thrift stores. I did some grocery shopping on my way home stopping at Grocery outlet for cheese, lunch meat, and hummus and again at Sprout’s for my ciabatta bread. Breakfast from Happy Donut, an egg cheese, and bacon croissant. Some fruit and yogurt for lunch. Tater tots and shrimp with carrots for dinner.


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