Saturday, March 3, 2018

RV TV Cabinet Installation

Saturday: (03/03) I reported the accident to our insurance folks. Outside, between showers, I cut out most of the pieces for the new TV/printer cabinet for the front of the RV. Leftover potatoes and pork for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Roasted peppers soup for dinner.

Monday: (03/05) I went with Lou to an appointment in the morning. Dawn was off on the bus to Redwood City. When we got home, I got busy installing the RV TV cabinet. Surprisingly, all the pieces fit as expected. After it was installed, I made a run for some hardware and lunch. Lou made strawberry waffles for breakfast. I had a late lunch of dim sum (pork footballs and an egg tart.) Dawn made macaroni and cheese for dinner.

The TV Cabinet Wall Installation above.

The walls hung out to dry.

Tuesday: (03/06) Nice day but cool and some occasional clouds. We went to Baji’s Cafe for breakfast. Then off to Orchard Hardware to get a few things and return other things. We then scouted a parking place for the RV in Santa Clara. At home, I got busy on the TV cabinet. I got the drawer runners installed. Next thing is to build the drawer itself. I got interrupted for much of the afternoon. Later, I did open the TV box and setup the TV. That prompted me to order a VESA 200x100 adaptor plate to mount it. The smaller TV was 100x100. For dinner, leftovers.

Wednesday: (03/07) I worked on cutting and welding up the TV drawer frame. It’s hanging from the apricot tree drying the paint tonight. Chocolate cake and ice cream for lunch. Tomorrow I’ll try to fit it in. Lou baked open-faced egg and wiener toast for breakfast. Chicken with rice and spinach for dinner.

Thursday: (03/08) The insurance adjuster came by about 1000 to look at the damage to the Jeep. I then took the paperwork over to Yeamen’s Auto Body and scheduled the repair starting on 03/19. I also visited Orchard Hardware to pick up some bolts. I picked up lunch to go at Los Altos Taqueria on the way home. Lou and Dawn were out shopping at Costco in the morning. I installed the drawer frame in the cabinet and worked at fitting the TV onto it. That prompted a little design change. I decided to mount the TV 4 inches higher at the top of the cabinet opening. It didn’t fit well at the bottom. The drawer runners prevented the TV from going far enough into the cabinet. This necessitated another run to Orchard Hardware for a piece of steel to adapt the mounting plate. At home, I cut and painted the metal for the adapter. Lou made spaghetti for dinner. Granola and banana for breakfast. Chili Relleno for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner. Tomorrow a day off.

The RV TV Drawer frame fitted into the cabinet. On the right above is an interesting succulent down the street.

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