Monday, August 19, 2019

Cog Railroad

Monday: (08/19) We awoke to our house batteries being dead so no lights, AC, and the fridge was off as well. Last night we tripped the pedestal breaker but evidently the inverter breaker also tripped. Again, the inverter kept everything else on until the battery died during the night. I need to setup better alarms. Granola and banana for breakfast. We drove around exploring a little later in the morning and early afternoon. We went to the Mt Washington Cog Railroad base station. We had tickets for the 1530 train. We enjoyed our ride up and down on the old cog railroad. This is one of the steepest (37%) and shortest (2mi) railroads in existence. The clouds were covering the top of the mountain and there was a strong wind so the views weren’t good nor pleasant. We had ham sandwiches for lunch at home. Salads for dinner.



Tuesday: (08/20) Breakfast at Munroe’s Restaurant. We took a drive today south of our home looking at thrift and book stores. Dinner at Fiesta Jalisco in Conway. Lou and Dawn enjoyed a campfire as I explored our route possibilities online.

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