Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Long Road Home

Sunday: (08/25) Up early and prepared to roll away by 0800. We headed South on I87 to Albany then West on 17, I81 then I86. We stopped about every 2 hours for a walk. About 1400 Lou was driving and hit a swarm of bees. What a mess. Almost couldn’t see out the windshield. We pulled into a rest stop and cleaned the bees and their honey off the windshield, somewhat. Some honey remained. We continued on and stopped for the night at another rest area near Owego, NY, about 1630. We completed 310 miles today. Leftovers for lunch. Toast and soup for dinner. (GPS: 42.0914202,-76.2718318)

Monday: (08/26) We got onto the road at 0430 this morning. W had to pull to the side of the road almost immediately because the heavy fog was frosting the windshield. I ran the windshield wipers which immediately made a minor visibility problem a major problem. Not all the honey was off the windshield or wipers. I wiped the windshield again as well as the wiper blades. I was afraid to run the wipers all day so we were lucky we didn’t have rain until later in the day. When we had a good shower later, I pulled off the freeway and ran the wipers which worked well and the windshield was clean. We stopped a couple of times for breaks and even a two hour break for lunch while I took a nap. 427 miles completed today. We stopped at a Walmart in Fremont, OH, for the night. Our microwave died before lunch today so we bought a cheap one at this Walmart. My 10# lifting limit delays and or changes lots of our activities. We had salads for lunch and some shrimp fettuccine for dinner. (GPS: 41.373863, -83.117782)

Tuesday: (08/27) Granola and banana for breakfast. I tried some almond milk with mine. We waited to leave until after 0800 so we could mail some things at the Post Office. We continued through Ohio on non toll roads. Highway 6, 24, 30, 49, I94, and I80. We stopped in Warsaw for lunch (German potato salad and chicken) and a nap in Plymouth. 356 miles today. We stopped for the night at Starved Rock State Park, North Utica, Il. Lou made some salmon rice for dinner.
(GPS: 41.306650, -88.976047)

Wednesday: (08/28) Two more states behind us. We were up at 0650 and rolling a little after 0800. Granola and banana for breakfast. We were back on I80 all day. We stopped for lunch and for me to attend my webinar. Leftover salmon and rice for lunch. Dinner at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Omaha, Ne. We continued on a few miles more to the Melia Hill Rest Stop West of Omaha in Gretna, NE where we stopped for the night. (GPS: 41.084003, -96.275537)

Thursday: (08/29) Fish with yellow squash and Brussels sprouts for breakfast. Lou and Dawn made chicken and vegetable stew which we dad over rice for dinner. We drove across Nebraska today. We stopped at Cabela's store #1 in Sydney, Nebraska for a stretch. We got to see the 2019 MVPA Transcontinental Motor Convoy, the 100th anniversary of the first motor Convoy across the US. Washington DC to San Francisco. In Cheyenne, we stopped to see my nephew and his wife and son. We then drove up the mountain on Hwy 80 and spent the night at the Lincoln Memorial rest stop. (GPS: 41.237640,-105.434919)


Friday: (08/30) We were up early before six and on the road shortly thereafter. About 0800 we stopped and had leftovers for breakfast and took showers at a reststop. In Evanston, Wy we had Chopped chicken salads for lunch. I took a nap at another rest stop. When i woke up, Lou sent me over to a couple with a dead battery on their 4Runner. i got out my little lithium battery jump starter and it started them up nicely. This was the second time I've used it  and neither was for our car, but it has tested out well and should be ready when/if needed. We made 521 miles today and stopped for the night at a KOA in Wendover, Nevada. Baked beans and bread for dinner. (GPS; 40.736380,-114.067450)

Saturday: (08/31) We enjoyed the showers in the KOA RV Park, had granola for breakfast then pulled out and headed back onto Hwy I80. We stopped in Elko to get some gas. I made a wrong turn heading to the station but saw a Burger King. Since I’ve had to modify my diet eliminating beef, I’ve been craving a hamburger. I got one of BQ’s Impossible Burgers, an all plant substitute for beef. I had it dry with a touch of sriracha sauce and it was excellent. We browsed the C.A.L Ranch Store next door. I found some of my western shirts there. Lou did most of the driving today. We stopped for lunch at The Pig BBQ in Winnemucca. We made it to Reno by 1600 and while Lou and Dawn browsed a thrift store, I got the RV filled with gas. Since it was over 90 degrees and a holiday weekend with all the RV parks filled, we headed for the cooler mountain elevations. We stopped for the night at the Donner Pass Rest Stop. Salads for dinner. (GPS: 39.342355, -120.3400319)

Sunday: (09/01) Up at 0600. Apple and peanut butter for breakfast. We showered and then continued on Highway 80 to Sacramento. We stopped at a Lowe’s store there to get cooler pads, which are difficult to find in our usually cool area. We arrived home just before noon and went to the Corner Bakery for chopped salads for lunch. I set up the RV and drained the tanks. Lou prepared our cooler for use. I relaxed in the afternoon looking over my mail.

Our trip since 1/19/19 was 10,031 miles in length, shorter than it would have been if we had stayed out through October.

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