Saturday, October 31, 2020

Planting the New Orchard

Saturday: (10/31) I dug three big holes in the front yard for the trees. They were a big oversized. I mixed some of the loose soil with some compost as a base and backfill. All three trees look much better in the ground. But, after that effort I needed a late afternoon nap. Granola for breakfast. Leftover Shepherd's pie for lunch. Ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. 


Sunday: (11/01) I put some things away in my shop. I also looked in to repairing the flat on my bike. The front tire wasn’t round on the bottom. I couldn’t see any damage to the tube but i did find and remove a thorn from the tire. I decided to just buy a new tube but it won’t arrive until 11/9. I then made a shopping run to return some things to Ace Hardware. I also stopped by REI and bought some more socks. Back home a nice nap seemed best. Later the 4” staples I need to install the orchard drip tubes arrived. Tomorrow I’ll have to get to work. Granola and banana for breakfast. Lunch from Los Altos taqueria, a nice chili relleno combo. Leftover sauerkraut with potatoes and pork chops and some sausage added for dinner. 


Monday: (11/02) I installed the drip tubing for the new front yard orchard then moved all the wood chips from in front of the neighbors house to cover the tubing and finished the job. It does look nice. Granola and banana for breakfast. Shrimp and greens salad for lunch/ Dinner from Panera Bread.



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