Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Returning Extras

Tuesday: (11/03) I went to Lowe’s and returned some leftover materials from the San Jose conduct installation. I continued down to San Jose to see if the water faucet leak I fixed was OK. It wasn’t. The stem is still leaking. I stopped at Ace hardware and got a different stem cord but it also didn’t completely stop the leaking. I’ll need to return and replace both the hot and cold valves. I also returned some materials to Ace Hardware. PBJ toast for breakfast. Lunch from La Victoria Taqueria. They have a great chili relleno combo. Pepper steak sandwiches served like biscuits and gravy. The peppers, steak and toast diced in a bowl. 

Wednesday: (11/04) Watching more Election results (non-results) on TV until my Wednesday webinar. Lou came out after the webinar and invited me to lunch. After lunch I needed a nap and then because of the time change it was nearing dark by the time I awoke. I had planned on washing the RV and both cars but now that is on the list for tomorrow. Granola for breakfast. Lunch at Ann’s Cafe in Menlo Park. We all had BBQ beef hot sandwiches. Lou made broccoli mac and cheese for dinner. 

Thursday: (11/05) Lou made an oven mushroom omelet served with an avocado. I eventually got outside after 1000 and started to work. I washed the RV including the roof. Then I washed the Jeep and Hyundai. Lou made me also wash Ernie’s trailer. It’s only been 10 years since it was washed, assuming the dealer washed it. Lou made broccoli chicken soup for lunch. BBQ ribs for dinner.

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