Monday, February 15, 2021

First Covid Shot

Monday: (02/15) Waffles and sausage for breakfast. I worked on our taxes today. I finished the first draft which is always a bank breaker. Now time th whittle it down to size. We had some rain last night and sprinkles today. Chopped salads form our nearby Corner bakery Cafe for lunch. Chili for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/16) Lou served beef soup for breakfast. I watched the construction project down the street digging their basement parking garage. One huge backhoe which could load a bobtail dump truck with 5 scoops was filling 10 trucks and making good progress on the hole. Lou and I were off to get our Covid vaccine shots today. It took about an hour in line for our appointments to get the vaccine and be watched for 15 minutes afterward. I happened to be in line behind one of my fellow hike leaders, Bob, from SJMWH. We haven’t seen each other for these past 11 months of lockdown. Seemed to be a popular place. When we came out we met Sabrina, another of our hikers. When we were finished we went to lunch at the Country Inn in Cupertino. After lunch we went grocery shopping at the Neighborhood Walmart Market in San Jose. Cottage cheese and diced ham for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/17) I spent some time watching the hole at the construction site down the street get bigger. I attended my Wednesday webinar. I did a little work on the arbor concrete forms amounting to only cutting some birds. I did make a run to Lowe’s for a few PVC parts and more wood stakes for the forms. Granola for breakfast. Green salad with fried cheese and corn on the cob for lunch. Pork puff dim sum for an afternoon delight. Lou’s chili for dinner.

Thursday: (02/18) I was busy watching the dirt disappear from the hole down the street. They are now ⅔’s finished digging. I also worked on the forms in the arbor. I finished about ½ of the forms. In the evening I made a parts run to ACE hardware for some pipe fittings. Chili beans for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou made baked potatoes with bacon wrapped asparagus for dinner. The asparagus was the best I’ve ever eaten.

Friday: (02/19) Another good day watching the hole get bigger at the project down the street. They were going good until the huge backhoe broke down in the afternoon. In between watching events, I was busy installing the forms for the arbor edging. Almost finished. Breakfast was granola and a banana. Lunch was a veggie burrito from El Grullense Taqueria. Lou’s asparagus soup for dinner.

Saturday: (02/20) Some rain last night. I made a nice egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich late in the morning. No lunch needed. Chili beans for dinner. I avoided work most of the day. About 1400 I went outside and finished the forms in the arbor. Now just some adjustment, if needed, and filling to prevent leaks out the bottom where I dug out too much. I’ll probably be able to pour Monday after I cut all the rebar tomorrow.

Sunday: (02/21) Nice day. I did a little work outside after the usual Sunday morning TV shows. I added some 2x2 fillers under some of the 2x6 boards to fix the fact I dug too deep. I also cut all the rebar and placed it for installation when I pour tomorrow. And Finally, Lou and i made a run to Lowe’s for more concrete and rebar. Granola and banana for breakfast. Lunch from Lucky Chinese Bistro. Chili for dinner.

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