Thursday, June 17, 2021

Andrea Visits

Thursday: (06/17) Extremely hot day. I was a chauffeur and personal shopper today. I took Dawn down to San Jose to pick up her friend Andrea. Then they had lunch at John's restaurant and dessert at Dolce Sicilia in Willow Glen. I took a walk and took a nap and then met them for dessert. After dropping them off here at the house in Palo Alto, I went shopping. A visit to Kwik Key to get some keys made, then Smart and Final, then Walgreens, and finally Grocery outlet. About 2000 I drove Andrea home and dropped off the keys with the tenants in San Jose. Waffles with berries and sausage for breakfast. A late lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich. Some leftover BBQ ribs for dinner.

Friday: (06/18) I made scrambled eggs and ham with cheese for breakfast. Mine became a sandwich. Another scorcher day. I did some weeding outside before it got too hot and also installed some drip pipe fittings in my new garden. then had a shower. Lou made hot German potato salad for lunch. About 1400 I took Dawn to pick up a free skeleton, then I took her down to San Jose to look at the thrift store she visited yesterday. She thought there might have been more electronics she could use for her pod casting. She also visited the Hickelby’s bookstore before we returned home. Lou made green salads for dinner.

Saturday: (06/19) Granola for breakfast. I got outside earlier to try to get something accomplished before the heat of the day. I worked on the drip water tubing installation for the raised succulent bed. Completed the installation of the sprinkler pipe to the hanging baskets and raised bed. Laid the red bricks under the hose and sprinkler valve area. Still need to install the bricks that need to be cut to fit. Also need to connect the sprinkler line to the raised bed. I noticed the cooler was weak. I inspected the cooler and tightened the belt. I also put some things away. I quit about 1100 and took a walk down the street to see what they were doing. It looks like they have almost finished the rebar and will likely be pouring concrete again Monday. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I worked in the backyard in the afternoon. I trimmed the wisteria and prepared for installing the bricks in the arbor by cleaning out the stuff that had been collected. Leftover soup for dinner.

Sunday: (06/20) Breakfast of Huevos Rancheros from down the street at Tacos El Grullense. I tinkered a little in the backyard working on sprinklers and drip lines. I also relaxed in the RV much of the day with Lou who is hiding from pollen. Leftover hot German potato salad with a sausage for a late lunch. BBQ ribs with baked potatoes and a carrot with raisin salad for dinner. The weather was pretty good today, only getting to 80 degrees.

Monday: (06/21) I got out early and worked on the arbor paving. I laid most of the whole bricks, just a couple of rows left and then a lot of cut bricks. Granola for breakfast. Home grown squash and sausage for lunch. Ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Tuesday: (06/22) Lou made French toast for breakfast. I got outside and did a little work finishing the last two rows of bricks and cutting and installing most of the threshold bricks. McDonalds fries with BBQ sauce for lunch. After lunch we headed off to Smart and Final and Nob Hill Markets for groceries. Steak with cauliflower for dinner.

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