Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Another Scooter For Lou

Wednesday: (09/08) Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast Yogurt with bologna and cheese slices for lunch. A nice green salad with pears and peppers for dinner. I attended my usual Wednesday webinar and worked on the computer the rest of the day.

Thursday: (09/09) Granola and yogurt for breakfast. Some dim sum from Dim Sum King (DSK) for lunch. I had an appointment at Kaiser for a CT-Scan at noon. On my return I took Dawn to the Sunnyvale dump for her appointment to return bottles and cans for CRV refund. We’ve built up quite a stock pile since they closed all the rebate centers. They only take so much and the car only holds so much so we have another appointment to return more tomorrow. Ramen and ham for dinner.

Friday: (09/10) Lou was busy planting some new plants in the garden by the swing. I did some repotting and other garden work. Waffles with sausage for breakfast. I had yogurt with bologna and cheese for lunch. Dawn made some cracked rice chicken for dinner.

Saturday: (09/11) Lou and Dawn were off early to a sale at Stanford and to the Palo Alto High School Flea market. I checked the construction site for Wilton Ct and picked up a breakfast burrito from Tacos El Grullense for breakfast. Lou left Dawn at the flea market and came home for a break. Dawn found a Tzoro scooter like Lou has. We went to look at it and bought it for $700 with two extra batteries. I also bought a nice angel wing begonia plant. I did a little work in the backyard but, otherwise relaxed. Lou and Dawn had sandwiches and I had yogurt with bologna and cheese for lunch. In the evening I dashed off to Grocery Outlet in Sunnyvale and picked up some replacement color plants for the front planters. My 3-4 year old begonias died, or mostly died and needed replacement. I also tried to get my chai latte drink there but they didn’t have any. Neither did two other markets that I stopped at on the way home. Leftover chicken rice for dinner.

Sunday: (09/12) I made breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. I took a bike ride over to Sanford Arizona Garden and a look around campus. I was on the final leg home when Lou called. She said Cecelia had a flat and was having trouble getting a service to come out to fix it for multiple reasons. Back home, I collected my air compressor, impact wrench and sockets as well as a floor jack. She said she had a spare. I grabbed a quick lunch and headed off. I got to Lowe’s San Jose about 1230. Yep, a flat tire, but only on the bottom. My impact sockets were not metric and this was a Datsun pickup. Fortunately she had a nice t-bar lug wrench. I dropped the spare and it was flat as well but it did hold air, just empty after years of sitting around. I aired up the tire after installing it. I then followed her home in San Jose. I stopped by the San Jose house and dropped off the new smoke detector but didn’t activate it. It’s for Dawn’s apartment and I’ll enable it when I can be around for any infant failure. The previous 10 year alarm only lasted a couple of years. I also checked the new power drop to our house. It had to be relocated due to the construction of a two story apartment over the neighbors new garage. I checked the basement piping as well. No leaks and everything seems to have dried out. On the way I was trying to find my chai Latte drink without luck when Lou called and said the new scooter had died at the produce market. She left Dawn there and started home herself but only made it a few blocks before her battery went dead. I finally made it home and swapped to the Jeep after checking for a new battery. None there. It turns out Ernie delivered a battery to Lou as I picked up Dawn and her scooter. My suspicion is that they just had dead batteries. They left home without fully charged batteries, even though they each had extra batteries and they are all lithium. Dawn’s scooter motor just stopped dead, then would go a bit and stop dead. That may be normal operation for a dead lithium. Lou thinks the motor overheated. I’ll have to check them out after charging all the batteries. It was a pretty long run over to Stanford but they should be able to make an 8 mile trip on a good battery. With two, no reason for any problem.

A quick bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch. I picked up dinner from Los Altos Taqueria, super nachos for Lou and Dawn, chili relleno for me.

Monday: (09/13) Granola and banana for breakfast after morning tea in the backyard. I inspected my construction project down the street. Busy with a crane placing rebar on the second floor deck and a concrete pumper place a small amount of concrete. Unfortunately for them, their form on a 20 high by 2 foot wide wall failed so they had to remove the form and concrete. I had crackers and cheese for lunch. Lou made macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/14) Granola and banana with yogurt for breakfast. I had a Kaiser appointment this morning. More kidney stones. I picked up lunch at the China Bistro. Lou had dropped me off for my appointment and she and Dawn were out shopping then Dawn had an appointment. When we got home I took a shower and relaxed in the afternoon. Lou made sausage with squash and onions for dinner.

Wednesday: (09/15) I made fried eggs, ham and cheese on toast for breakfast. I also attended my Wednesday webinar as well. Leftover Chinese food for lunch. Dawn made a Mediterranean dish with sauteed onions and tomatoes with eggs, something like poached added as the final touch. The AQI for our air was not good today so there was little outside activity. I spent the afternoon tinkering on the computer. I did make a couple of visits to the construction site during the day.

Thursday: (09/16) Granola and banana with yogurt for breakfast. More observation of the construction down the street. Otherwise relaxed much of the day. I did go out grocery shopping and van looking in the afternoon. No van found. Chili fries for dinner.

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