Friday, September 17, 2021

Golden Gate Park Arboretum Walk

Friday: (09/17) Up early and off to San Francisco this morning. I needed a walk and haven't been able to plan ahead and an opportunity was available this morning so off I went. I decided to start my walk in Golden Gate Park partly because there is free parking there and partly because of a photo that Judy Zhu posted. She took a walk in GG Park recently and included a photo of an entrance sign to the arboretum that showed that there was free entry before 0900. I have Scottish heritage and it often shows. Free parking and entrance to my favorite arboretum. I used to walk the gardens often until they limited free entry to residents a few years ago. Now that I know how to enter for free, I'll probably return more often. The gardens were beautiful and there was a special bonus today. I noticed there were maybe a dozen baby grand pianos scattered around the gardens. It turned out that today and until the 21st most of the pianos are being used during much of the day. I noticed my first in use sometime around 1000. then saw maybe half a dozen in use. Various types of music. One was even being played by a 3-4 year old and, frankly, was a pretty good version of jazz, though likely just luck. I walked 4.3 miles around most of the trails and paths in the gardens and had to leave for breakfast/lunch about 1130. An after lunch siesta and I was off for another walk in the West end of the park. A total of around an 8 mile walk and never had to leave the park, except for lunch from the Rain Tree Cafe on Irving Street. Nice day!



Lou made steak with baked potatoes and zucchini for dinner.

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