Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bakersfield Again

Saturday evening: I arrived in Bakersfield a little after dark. I stopped by Bill Lee's Bamboo Chopsticks Restaurant downtown for Chinese dinner.
I finally got TV here so I caught up with some news. I learned of Johnny Carson's death. That's sad. One of the nice things about being in the middle of nowhere is not having to listen to the Network News diatribe everyday. You do miss out on some significant news occasionally. I could, of course, log in to CNN or MSNBC online but that would defeat the purpose. I have missed out on about 5 weeks worth of news recently both by choice and by no signal, so what. Anything been happening recently?
Sunday: I worked on the computer all morning. The day is nice but I haven't been out yet. I completed my project on the computer.
I then went over to our rental house here to complete the remaining tasks. I installed a new cable for the sprinkler valves and did a little touchup on the fence. List complete.
Time for dinner at the Chuy's next door to Wal-Mart.
Monday morning: It's not too foggy so leaving for home.
Wrong! It got too foggy before I got to I5 so I pulled over for breakfast. Ok after that.

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