Monday, January 24, 2005

Quartzsite, Day 5

A little rain last night and again this afternoon. the microwave oven died last night, all the more excuse to eat out. I had breakfast at Gene's again. I took a walk up to the top of Quartzsite Hill, the hill with the "Q" on it. Lots of flowers and a really good view of the entire Quartzsite area.

View looking up to "Q" hill.

View from top of "Q" hill.

Lots of flowers and other living things seem to like the recent rains. "Q" hill is almost purple with so many flowers.

Quartz rock, possibly the source of the town's name? The big top tent at the RV show.

Hills all around Quartzsite. Hills beyond the hills as well.

A lot of grass on the valley floor and hills, normally they are brown this time of year, I'm told.

A sea of white RV rooftops.

This afternoon I met up with a bunch of fellow DataStorm users.
I had dinner at the hamburger joint on the corner. Nice burger. I stopped by my neighbors for a campfire. Doug and Terry are originally from Colorado, now from South Dakota. They full time and spend the winters here.

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