Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers Day

Still in Bakersfield. Lou and Dawn have returned here. Work on the house is proceeding.
Today was a Sunday Drive Day. We took a drive out Round Mountain Road past Hart Park on the North Side of the Kern River. On through all the oil fields and dry hills that are Round Mountain Road.

We then took Granite Road to Hwy 155. Hwy 155 becomes oak forested then redwood and pine dense forest as you eventually reach the summit at 7100 feet.

There were lots of flowers along the road. We stopped for lunch overlooking the canyon near Woody.

We took a walk at Deuel campground near the top.

We then went down into Woffard Heights by Lake Isabella and down the Kern Canyon on Hwy 178 back to Bakersfield.

Lou and Dawn took Don to dinner at Carrow's and we took an after dinner walk along the Kern River Parkway at Truxton by the ponds just before sunset. Lots of bunnies scampering out of the way ahead of us on the trail. Birds were saying good night to each other. A nice moon lite return walk to the car.

Some pictures of the house where we're staying.

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