Sunday, June 5, 2005

More Bakersfield

Lou and Dawn returned from Yosemite to Palo Alto, myself to Bakersfield. Bakersfield is OK, but Yosemite was nicer. More work to do on the house when i can get through my procrastination.
My Brother Ernie came through town Thursday evening. We went out to dinner with our Uncle Doug and Aunt Helen. As Ernie came back through town again Friday we had dinner again. His two dogs Wolfie and Walter enjoyed a romp in the yard before they left.
Saturday I stopped by Doug and Helen's again to see cousin Marijane and family visiting from Barstow.
Tonight, Sunday, there was nothing worthwhile on TV so I searched for old radio shows on the Internet. I found It has a lot of free radio shows. I like free! I listened to some shorts from Boris Karloff and a Roy Rogers show. Quite interesting. I'll be exploring this site more in the future.
I like radio!

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