Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tut Visit

We had tickets for the King Tut Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ( for Tuesday at 7pm. We left in the morning from Bakersfield for LA and went to the Farmers market.

Above, the fountain at the Grove Shopping Center. On the right,the Farmers Market in LA. We ended up at the Grove shopping center, and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, we couldn't wait. We then found the Farmers Market at the other end of the Grove. We looked around, rode on a trolley that goes along the street through the center of the shops. We generally wasted the rest of the day waiting for our entrance time. We went to the museum at the appointed time.
We were looking at everything and at a little after 8pm, we were half way through the galleries, they started rushing people toward the exit because they were closing at 8:15. No where was the closing time provided and a 7pm entrance obviously doesn't provide enough time to see the exhibit in a little over an hour. We, and all the other people we heard muttering, were a bit upset about the bums rush. We asked to speak to the manager and were a bit supprised to find out that none of the dozen or so employees we asked knew of one. Eventually one knew of a binder to look in, contacted the manager and a lady came down. She offered tickets to see the exhibit again. Of course we'll have to come down to LA again. It's a 2 hr drive from Bakersfield and 7 hour drive from Palo Alto either of which will be a bit inconvienient. It may not matter anyway because she hasn't responded to the email she requested we send yet. The topper is that, we were rushed out so they could clear the museum for a private showing. Cute!!
Dawn is very interested in all sorts of things including Tut. She's an Anthropology major. However my recommendation is, don't bother to see Tut.
No pictures of Tut, cameras not allowed in the museum. I'll get some pictures of the grove up later.

After the museum we went over to UCLA nearby to see some of Dawn's friends. Dawn and Courtney were neighbors in San Jose and Palo Alto and went to school with our daughter Dawn. They have an apartment across the street from the university. We took a stroll around the campus. Above are a couple of shots of the nice buildings on the UCLA campus. We had a nice visit and headed home.

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