Thursday, September 1, 2005

A Long Walk

Well, it's Thursday already.
cooler Cooler
This past week Dawn got a new evaporative cooler in her apartment in San Jose. It was fun installing it. For some reason nothing is ever simple. The cooler had to be installed high in the window because access is still needed to get past it to the electrical panel so you can go under it now.
Earlier in the week, new garbage, recycle, and compost containers were delivered to our house in Palo Alto. Our modern city is moving toward automating the garbage pickup. I'm not sure it will be an improvement for efficiency. There are too many cars parked on the street so it will be difficult to ever use one of the pickup arms to empty the cans. They'll still have to have the driver get out to roll the cans out but they won't have to lift them any more. Less injuries? Anyway, the containers are bigger now so I filled them up from the piles in the yard. We're having another garage sale this weekend. Maybe we'll make headway on reducing the mess around here?
This morning Lou and I took a long walk by Bol Park, in South Palo Alto, for a visit to the donkeys (inspiration for the donkey on Shrek, the movie from PSI.) PSI used to be a few blocks from our house before they went big time and moved to Redwood City. We continued past Gunn High School where Lou used to work, through Los Altos to San Antonio Mall. We did a little shopping at Trader Joe's and Sears then headed home, a 5-6 mile walk. We plan to start to do this about three times per week. We could head downtown, to Stanford or Menlo Park as alternate routes.
Today I had a dentist appointment in the late afternoon. All's well.

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