Saturday, September 24, 2005

Exciting Bakersfield!

Fair Fair
Friday afternoon we went to the Kern County Fair. It was Senior Day, admission and parking free, you can't beat free though it would have felt better if they had checked our ID rather than wave us in? The Fair was better than on our last visit but in some ways it is becoming a standard urban fair. There are lots of crafts and animals. FFA and 4H are going strong. But, for an agricultural town, there were very few vegetables and fruits entered, taken over by off track betting. Most of the buildings were commercial. There were very few tractors and other farm equipment on display. It was better than last time only because they have done some renovations of the facilities. We had some fun and survived the food.
Saturday morning Lou and I took a walk around the neighborhood. On our return home, we noticed that some houses nearby that are being moved were ready to hit the road.
House Moving House Moving
House Moving House Moving
We had been waiting to watch this so we got the bikes out and followed the first one out down the road. They seemed to have their act together and to our surprise were moving about 25 miles per hour most of the time. We managed to stay with them. After about 6-7 miles they got to the BNSF mainline railroad crossing.
House Moving House Moving
House Moving House Moving
House Moving
They had to wait for clearance to cross the track and when they started out again with us on their tail, Lou's front tire went flat, so, end of chase. We intended to hold the house open at noon and it was past 11am so I raced back to get the car and returned to pickup Lou. After we setup the open house signs, I noticed they were back and preparing the other half of the house that left previously so I returned with the car, and camera for the second round, leaving Lou with the open house. It turns out it was a good thing we had the flat because they went on for another 3-4 miles before they reached their destination.
House Moving House Moving
I like to watch projects like this so I watched until they had the house placed and aligned on its new pad. They didn't do everything like I would have done, but they were OK for professionals.
Can you beat this for excitement?

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