Sunday, September 11, 2005

SLO El Churro Regional Park

A nice flower in the SLO Botanical Garden next to our RV park.
Matt Ritter Succulents
Lou and I attended a presentation on succulents by Matt Ritter, a professor from Cal-Poly and Director of the Cal-Poly Botanical Conservatory. It was very interesting covering everything from how they fit into the plant kingdom to why ours always die a painful death.
Little Student
The youngest botany student at the presentation.

Dinner at Quarterdeck
We went out to dinner with Uncle Doug, Aunt Helen and friends to the Quarterdeck in Pismo Beech. (L to R: Francine, Max, Lou, Helen, Doug, Darwin, Goldie, Vera, Clarence, Harold, and Karen). All the friends are RV travel buddies.
Doug and Helen are headed back to Bakersfield Sunday.

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