Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back To The Routine

Mr Milo Mr Milo
Brother Ernie and his dogs Walter and Wolfie left this morning. It's always nice when we can get together for a while. It's also always nice to see them go. Doggies are so energetic compared to a cat. We were lucky this visit to have mostly dry weather. We only had rain the last day of the visit so less mud was tracked in. The furniture slip covers came off as the trucks tail lights went out of sight. Mr Milo, our beloved and understanding cat, was shown that the doggies were gone and he then wanted to take a walk outside after a through inspection of the front of the house where the dogs had been. The yard was policed to get rid of doggie presents, another reason cats are better because they use their litter boxes. My poor eyes have a much more difficult time, now days, differentiating brown leaves on the lawn from doggie presents. It's sort of like an Easter egg hunt, without the profit.
It's a gray drippy day today, good for tinkering inside.

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