Monday, November 21, 2005

Clean Up

Lou and I have been busy cleaning and going through junk. With so many boxes of valuable junk this may take a while. The stuff is more interesting because much of it was placed into the study closet when we moved in and not looked at since. Too valuable to throw away, then. A lot isn't so valuable now.
The collection of old computers is interesting but probably not too useful. In chronological order: Bally, Ohio Scientific C4P, Aim65's (home builts), Commodore Vic 20's, Commodore 64, Commodore B128 and C128's, Apple II, Apple III, and then a lot of PC junk. I think I'll check with the Computer History Museum in Mountain View to see if they're missing anything.
My prize computer I haven't been able to locate for years. I built it in 1962. It was very usefull. It added numbers up to a result total of eight. Probably stuffed in the attic?
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