Sunday, May 27, 2007

Carnival, San Francisco

I went up to the Carnival Parade in San Francisco. I like this parade because it's what a parade should be. Heavy on the people, light on the cars and floats. Lots of bands. And definitely not short. It starts about 10:00 and continues past 2:00 pm. Now that's a parade.

The weather wasn't too good though. i didn't see the sun until 3:45 while walking back to the train.

I enjoyed a burrito at La Corneta Taqueria on Mission Street on my way to catch up to where the parade was. It was excellent.

I was a bit late so I followed the 2 mile parade path to find the parade. It had only gone a few blocks in the 40 minutes since it was supposed to start.

Carnival San Francisco 2007 4858 Carnival San Francisco 2007 4868
The parade has about a two mile route. The best viewing is on this smaller street. I like the village look. Listen to these samples of the music:
Sound Byte #1, Sound Byte #2 from Carnival bands.

Carnival San Francisco 2007 4872 Carnival San Francisco 2007 4882
There is a precision garbage men drill team. I think the float on the right has the best idea, pedal power. Actually it is just the steering and the propulsion is runners on the side of the float.

Carnival San Francisco 2007 4884 Carnival San Francisco 2007 4887
Colorful costumes abound as well as stilt walkers.

Carnival San Francisco 2007 4896 Carnival San Francisco 2007 4907
Everyone seems to enjoy the parade, even the dogs. There were also some not so costumed revelers.

Carnival San Francisco 2007 4934 Carnival San Francisco 2007 4936
These marionette like walkers are interesting. It's a good thing there wasn't any wind with all those feathers.

Carnival San Francisco 2007 4964 Carnival San Francisco 2007 4999
Lots of fun parading as a dancer or as Zorro.

I'm working on uploading a couple of videos.
Video #1, Video #2 from Carnival.

Lou and Dawn had been busy with garage sales and such. They enjoyed breakfast outside and a few blackberries from our bushes. Sorry I missed that. Dawn also took a bunch of videos to a local video/record store to sell. She buys cheap and sells a little higher.

Dawn's Wheel Loom 4850 Dawn's Wheel Loom 5014
Lou was busy looking for parts for a hand operated loom that Dawn bought. If it can be made to work a little more smoothly, it will be easier for Dawn to use than the conventional loom she has. No foot pedals on the new one.

Lou called as I was getting close to home and i found out they were in Mountain View returning the videos and looking for hardware and such, so I didn't get off the train at our station but continued to the next station in Mountain View to meet them.

Now I'm limping again. These long walks have worn me out the past two weekends. Time to recover. We're headed over to Reno Tuesday for a day or three. There will be some stops on the way to and from as well.

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