Thursday, May 24, 2007

Half Moon Bay State Beach, Ca

Thursday: We moved up from Santa Cruz this morning. Short drive, but worth it. There was a little construction activity along the way causing a couple of short delays for flagging but otherwise a nice trip. It's a little foggy so it's nice and cool.

San Gregorio 4842 Half Moon Bay SB 4846
Above left, we stopped in San Gregorio to get some of our favorite bread. One of the two markets bakes the best breads. We got an artichoke cheese loaf and a basil herb loaf. We then enjoyed homemade roast beef sandwiches made from the bread at the RV overlooking a really nice garden that is used by Duarte's restaurant there as well. I've just described most of the businesses in town.

We then headed further North to Half Moon Bay State Beach, just West of the town of Half Moon Bay. Wonderful park.

While I do a little catching up with the blog, Lou and Dawn are shopping in downtown Half Moon Bay, one of their favorite shopping places. Nice art galleries and some country stores. Since we haven't had Internet for the past two nights , there's a little to catch up with. I hate getting too far behind because my memory is so poor.

Half Moon Bay SB Campsite 4845 Half Moon Bay SB Campsite 4848
A couple of views of our campsite here. No problem with solar nor satellite access here.

I did see that there was WiFi in the park. It's provided by ATT, my DSL provider so I tried it out. It costs $1.99/month for DSL customers so why not? When i finally got my password straightened out, it worked well, for a while then disappeared. Looks like the power to it disappeared. Did someone use a hair drier at the restroom? Back to satellite for now. Good to have a backup. The WiFi returned after over an hour of outage.

A follow-up report: When we returned home from our last trip, the Remco disconnect was having a lot of difficulty re-connecting. When the car went in to get the starting problem fixed, I ask the mechanic to lubricate the disconnect as well. We hadn't tried it out until this trip. It works so much better! How nice!

Friday: We got up about 7am, took a walk around the campground to look at all our neighbors. There were a couple of bicycle troupes occupying several campsites as well as every other type of RV or tent. Always interesting. We utilized the sanitary dump as we moved the RV out to the day use area. We left it there and drove up the coast to Pacifica, exploring on the way to and way back. We stopped at James Fitzgerold Marine Reserve to check out some nice tide pools and look at the harbor seals on the rocks. We also stopped to look at the San Andreas Fault as it goes into the sea. There were a few shops to visit as well. One very nice surprise was the donut shop across from Safeway in Pacifica. Since our favorite Lou's Donuts closed in San Jose, we've (me) have been looking for a shop that makes good donuts. We finally found one with this shop. Excellent crumb donuts. Excellent coffee too.

With all these important discoveries out of the way, we went back to the Half Moon Bay SB to get the RV and head home.

Sorry, no pictures today. Seems that a camera is needed to capture them and I forgot to take it with me..

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