Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Santa Cruz Harbor, Ca

We left about noon Tuesday and headed to Santa Cruz Harbor RV Park. There are about 12 spaces rented by the Harbor for RV's. They have full hookups and are right next to the boat docks in the upper harbor. A downside is the $40/night cost, but the location is great, except for the fact that only two of the sites have a view of the sky for satellite so we were without Internet for the two nights of our stay here. Torture!

Capitola Beach Sand Grooming 4834 Santa Cruz Wharf Stagnaro's 4831
When we visited Capitola Beach, they were busy grooming the beach in preparation for the big Memorial Day weekend. Just after we arrived, we stopped by Stagnaro's for lunch.

Santa Cruz Beach And Boardwalk 4818 Santa Cruz Boardwalk 4832
The Beach and Boardwalk as seen from the Wharf and a view on the Boardwalk on the right.

Santa Cruz Wharf 4833 Santa Cruz Wharf Corvette Bike Trailer 4830
The wharf as seen from the Boardwalk. On the right above was a neat motorcycle trailer that looked like a tiny corvette.

Santa Cruz Wharf Sea Lions 4820 Santa Cruz Wharf Sea Lions 4829
There are sea lions on and under the wharf. Even a couple of baby sea lions. The one on the right must remember us from a previous visit since he waved to us.

Santa Cruz Harbor Local Band 4839 Santa Cruz Harbor Wednesday Night Sailing 4836
We were lucky enough to be here at the harbor on Wednesday night. A lot of the sail boats head out for a sail in the early evening each Wednesday. Fun to watch. The viewing was to the accompaniment of a band playing 60's tunes on the beach.

Santa Cruz Harbor Campsite 4814
Our campsite at the harbor was nice but the trees behind the RV are in the way of the satellite so no Internet.

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