Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here We Are Again, At Home.

Saturday: We went by the Black Bear Diner just up Virginia Street from our home at the Atlantis Casino. They have a great chicken fried steak breakfast so we ordered two, which fed the three of us and we left with leftovers.

We had a nice trip over to Reno. The trip back oh Highway 80 was quick and not too eventful. We stopped in Sacramento at the Spudnut donut shop on Arden Way. Dawn found out about this shop on the Internet. She's been looking for a Lou's Donut replacement since they closed in San Jose. The link above provides information about the old chain of donut shops that had a potato based donut mix. The chains gone but there are a lot of their old locations still making similar donuts. I might have to make a list of the locations. They have an excellent apple fritter and it comes with either glaze or cinnamon crumb, also crumb donuts. All good!

Enough fun, back to the road home. We continued on Highway 80 then down Highway 680 to Milpitas. Traffic was rather heavy but mostly moving well.

Lou and Dawn didn't get enough thrift shopping so we stopped at Savers in Milpitas as well. That gave me a chance for a nap. We then headed up Highway 237 to home. Dinner was the leftover breakfast from the Black Bear Diner and some celery sticks with peanut butter.

It's nice to be home again. It's actually cold here. It was getting hot in Reno.

Sunday: I got the pictures uploaded for the Folsom Lake SRA and Donner Memorial SP posts.

I emptied the holding tanks with only a small disaster, almost. The macerator pump stopped working. I feared the worst. The fuse I had installed for the power to it was still good and power was there. I thought maybe there was an internal thermal protection so I waited. That didn't help, except I did enjoy the time relaxing in the back yard. So then I got serious. I was an electrician after all. I got out my meter and there was no power through the switch. Odd. I disassembled the switch and then found the problem. There was a fuse in the switch assembly, easily replacable without disassembly, if you look in the right place. The fuse was bad and the one I installed failed soon thereafter, but the third fuse did the trick. Must have been extra thick "stuff" in the tank. So, no real disaster like having to figure out how to empty the full hoses. Whew!

On our way home, the passenger windshield crack grew another foot finally reaching the edge of the windshield. Should be more stable now. Since neither crack affects the view, I'm holding off to get the most mileage before replacing them. If the crack in the drivers windshield tries the same trick, It will have to be replaced since it's right in the center going straight up, but currently down out of view, about 18" long. The right one got a couple of pits after the first big break as well but, so far they're just tiny pits. This has been a bad year for windshields. I filled the crack and pits. I think I'll by the crack filler glue by the gallon in the future.

Am I mistaken, or is Highway 80 over the sierras the worst Interstate highway in America? It's like driving on a cobblestone road. Our tax dollars certainly aren't at work there. That road is likely the reason for the extension of the crack. It's always nice to enter Nevada and enjoy good roads.

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