Saturday, June 9, 2007

Puttering Around The Yard

Molds On The Deck Molds In Work Shed
Lou continued with her cleanup project.

Dawn and I were on weekend duty though. Dawn went over to a book sale at the friends of the library and came home with a couple of bags of books and tapes. She loves visiting that book sale.

I puttered around the yard. I pulled weeds from a flower bed and tied back some wisteria fronds so they would grow onto the arbor instead of into the air. I also sorted dirt, one of my favorite jobs. I hate to throw away used potting soil so I remove the old dead plant material and throw the soil into the flower beds. We have heavy clay soil here so the potting soil helps. I also potted a few jade plants that had sprung up in a flowerbed. They may return when they're bigger. It's hard to tell them from weeds when they are small. Wait, maybe I just potted weeds?

Red Flower Squirrels At Wilton Wisteria half Grown
A red cactus flower above. Squirrels enjoying breakfast in the yard. And the wisteria is now half recovered.

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