Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pismo Beach Weekend

Thursday: We all went down to San Jose this morning, Dawn to her class and Lou and I for a walk downtown to see what's developing. Not much. I had driven the RV and Lou the car so we're read to hit the road South as soon as we can.

After Dawn's class today, we headed down to Pismo Beach State Park for the weekend. Traffic and weather were good. Lou drove from King City to San Luis Obispo including the treacherous grade into SLO. We had reservations at the North Campground at Pismo Beach State Park which had a "full" sign out. We got a nice site close to the beach but not one of our usual sites. You can sure tell it's summer vacation time. Few motor homes and lots of tents and trailers even mid week. The weather is nice here but much warmer than on our last visit.

Our Cmpsite at Pismo
I raised the dish to confirm we had Internet. i then updated this blog with a note before we went to dinner. If you've read much of this blog, especially about our visits here, you'll kn0w where we went for dinner. Pismo Beach Fish and Chips restaurant is the place. Just the best. The best coleslaw salad and among, if not the, best fish. The chips ore ordinary though.

SLO Farmers Market
After dinner, we went to downtown San Luis Obispo for the Farmers Market. It's a really nice market and street faire held each Thursday evening. Lou picked up some great sweet strawberries and some fresh peas.

As we arrived home, we met some people about to setup in the site next to us. The gentleman asked if it was a quiet place as they needed rest after a long drive. I told him we just arrived but that it was the weekend like crowd and that it should be quiet by 11pm to midnight. I also mentioned that I just saw a keg of beer popped open as we were walking around the campground after we returned. For some reason, he left? Actually, it was a fairly quiet evening for us, of course we were inside and usually don't hear anything anyway. He was in a tent so?

Friday: Lou fixed a nice breakfast. She was going to fix strawberry French toast but our bread was bad. So she warmed up some home fries and sausage and we had fresh strawberries with that. She had to do it the old fashioned way because the inverter would run for heavier loads without going into fault. It said the batteries were dead but the battery monitor and house battery tester don't agree so must be a memory problem with the inverter. It thinks the battery is dead so it's going to protect it from use. The small inverter is happy as a lark.

In the afternoon, we went up to San Luis Obispo again. We enjoyed a late lunch at the Golden Dragon restaurant, a Chinese buffet downtown. After lunch Dawn hit a nice book store as Lou and i looked around elsewhere. A stop at the Goodwill thrift store on the way back home completed the afternoon.

On our walk around camp this evening we noticed several as in half a dozen campsites with eight or more tents in them. Even though there were a few vacant sites left in the campground, there are an awful lot of people here

Saturday: Breakfast at home of French Toast and Strawberries with Dawn's homemade yogurt. Quite good!

Primping Bird
A bird entertained us during breakfast. The bird really enjoyed looking at himself in the windows and mirrors of our car. That was entertaining. He spent so much time doing it though that in time there was lots of evidence of his presence there. Dawn was nice enough to clean it off but the mess was back later in the day. The bird couldn't get enough of its reflection.
Dawn and Lou on Pismo Beach
After some studying by Dawn, we took a walk on the beach. The beach is quite different in the summer. It is now wide and flat whereas on our last visit here a few weeks ago there was a sand ledge near the narrow beach.

Our batteries died again and the inverter went into fault when Lou tried to use the microwave again. They had good voltage just before she started even though they had provided 130 ah of use last night. The voltage was OK again in a minute. When we return home, hopefully, I'll find the culprit. Seems to be the batteries not the inverter but?? They don't act like a bad battery though, more like an intermittent high resistance but the wiring looks good. There's always something to tinker with with an RV.

I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in camp while Lou and Dawn headed out to Arroyo Grande to see the shops.

Sunday: Breakfast of Granola, fresh strawberries and home-made yogurt. Then off for a morning walk on the beach. The bird was at it again but this time using the mirror or windshield of the RV. It's starting to not be cute.
After breaking camp, our next stop was the Sunset Drive-in Theater Swap Meet in San Luis Obispo. It was pretty good sized and had some interesting junk as well as a few vegetable mongers. Lou picked up some old cook books, Dawn some of her own old books, and I got a Benny Hill Video. Lou also got more strawberries and some peppers for Chili Relleno.

We then headed North again stopping for lunch at the Camp Roberts Rest Area on Highway 101. Lou fixed some open faced pita bread with roast beef, onions, cheese, and homemade yogurt. We enjoyed this feast on the lawn sitting among about 50 birds, all within a few feet, calmly waiting for a snack. Unfortunately, it was too good so no snack for the birds. I looked around for Alfred Hitchcock, just in case.

Our final stop was the mall in Salinas for a walk before the final leg of th trip home.

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