Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Fun At Adobe

Yesterday was an adventure day, mostly. It started out much like the past week. When I left San Jose yesterday evening, I loaded up the car before returning to Palo Alto. Most of that was headed to the dump. After morning tea time I was off to the dump. I purged the car of the scrape dirt, concrete debris, junk lumber and the multitude of used concrete bags. Unfortunately, that car, Lou's older '87 Volvo, I wouldn't want to use the toad for this, decided it wanted to stay. It wouldn't start when it was time to go. After several attempts, including looking under the hood and a little wiggling of wires, it still didn't start so I called for a tow. Since the car is elderly, it has a few quirks. Occasionally, it wont start and you need to wiggle the wires under the hood. It doesn't happen to me often since it's Lou's car but I did remember it and made a feeble attempt at wiggling. After talking to Lou and confirming the wiggle feature, I tried again and was successful, much to the pleasure of myself and the bull dozer operator that had been rolling all around the car working on the pile. I was glad to be able to cancel the tow because I wasn't very confident the tow truck would find me there.

I returned home and cleaned up a bit and then Lou took me down to the train station. I was headed to San Francisco for another event at the Adobe offices there. They were holding a Flex Camp, an event about one of their programs. It was a meet the developers, see it work , and see what others have done with it type of event. I like attending these because you get to see some neat stuff and I hope sometime, I'll get inspired to do something myself. If not, it's fun anyway. And of course the pizza and beer were good a well.

I got there a little early. I don't trust the train to get there on time. I figure the same problem I have with other queue lines and with picking the right lane on the freeway might occur and I'd end up with a couple of hour delay for an accident or the like so I gave myself some fudge time. Everything went smoothly, as usual when it doesn't matter so I had a couple of hours to spare. Since I hadn't had breakfast and it was lunch time, 1 pm, I stopped by Chevy's fresh Mexican restaurant for a bite. I then took a stroll through China town and then it was time for the event which started at 3:30. It lasted until 11:15 pm and allowed enough time to walk the two blocks to the train station for the last train home. I prefer the train or BART when going into San Francisco because you eliminate all the hassle of finding a parking spot and hazards of driving on unfamiliar streets.

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