Thursday, July 5, 2007

Why I Hate Warrantees And A Detour

Meet the Repairman. I was ready to pour some concrete but the holiday got in the way. In addition, we had to meet a service technician so they can repair the dishwasher in the tenants kitchen. I replaced the door switch assembly a week or so ago and now it's not working the same. The next item to replace, since the new door switch still check good with my meter, is the computer. I'm not comfortable with doing that due to the cost so we started looking at a replacement. After checking, we found that the dishwasher was still under extended warranty. Neat. I haven't been getting those too often recently due to the cost of the plans and the difficulty dealing with repairmen, service windows, etc. Anyway, today the technician was to arrive between 8am and noon. No problem, just a little early arrival there since I'm already working there everyday anyway. about 1230, the tech called and said he was running a little late and needed to take his lunch before coming by. So much for service windows. He came by, didn't know much and after much discussion with the "super" tech at the office, decided that the door switch was bad. he never opened the dishwasher or tested the switch, as I had done to identity that the switch that I replaced did have a bad contact. Now the ship the replacement switch to the house, should arrive in one week and have another appointment scheduled for the 17th. After he replaces it, it likely won't fix it since I actually did open the thing up and tested the replacement switch as being good. So when he comes next week, he'll replace the switch which might make it work a day or two due to rattling it but most likely it will fail again, requiring another appointment or two to replace the actual problem of the computer board. Now this is why I don't usually get extended warranties nor go too far at trying to fix these modern junk appliances. Just buy cheap and replace on failure is my normal modus operandi.

And a detour. We got a call that our new flooring has arrived at Lowe's. We scheduled the installation for Friday the 13th.  I hope that isn't a problem. That gives us a week to do the repairs we need to do and remove the old flooring. Neither Lowe's, nor anybody else, will remove old flooring without testing for asbestos and even then it's a different visit. I don't really like contractors. Their work usually doesn't meet my workmanship like standards, however, laying linoleum is something we really don't like to do. We removed the tiles from Dawn's kitchen which went well and now we need to get rid of the goo. There are various typed of glue used to attach the tiles and reattach the loose tiles. Lou laid this floor and did an outstanding job with alternate black and white tiles inside an all black border. She made the pattern look real good in the five rooms it was in. The floor is now 20 some years old and doesn't show much wear. The reason we're replacing it is that some of the tiles just wouldn't stick and many have become broken or loosened. Enough is enough.
When the professionals install the floor, any problems are on them. When they replaced our kitchen floor here in Palo Alto, there was a small black spot in the middle of the floor when they finished. It was a dead fly pressed into the flooring and though probably quite durable, it's still a fly and still a black spot on a mostly white floor. The manufacturer paid for the replacement but, of course we were slightly inconvenienced with a second installation but the floor is now twice as thick since they just laid the new new over the older new flooring. But here again, we prepped the floor for them by removing the old flooring, three layers, and installing new luan plywood underlayment. We just don't like particle board that much. They only use particle board for underlayment so that prompted us into action. We're getting too old to keep doing this though so maybe next time good enough will be OK.

The house in San Jose has particle board and, maybe I've learned a little, I'll probably replace the damaged particle board it in kind?

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