Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Still At it

After a nice weekend off, we all returned to our labors this week. Dawn to school, Lou to her mold organization, and me to my dirt.

On Sunday, the tenant in San Jose also called to say the diswasher was not working, again. I checked it and found the same error code of the door not being latched but it was fully closed and the door switch which I replaced last week is still good so it is likely the control board now. Not wishing to chase this problem forever I started looking for a new dishwasher. But then we checked and found it had an extended warranty. I hate that, not remembering. I haven't been buying extended warranties recently but fortunately did for this. So they'll be out to fix it Thursday.

I completed the preparation for the concrete work and was planing on pouring the concrete Thursday, originally Tuesday, but now it will probably be week after next. We're having the flooring replaced there and it is now in so we need to remove the old flooring before they install the new. In addition, there is some damage to repair in one of the bathrooms. It will all inconvenience the tenants for about a week with no floors and a little mess but the reward will be new floors. They have two toddlers that may present a little problem. I'm planning all week to do the removal and repair so hopefully can schedule the installation for Friday after next. We don't work on the place Friday and the weekends. Got to relax sometime.

Pouring the Basement Floor
Tuesday morning crews arrived with a concrete pumping truck to pour the basement floor for the new hpouse across the street. Too bad I had to miss it. I love to watch that kind of stuff. It's really going to be quite a house, even though it will be wall to wall on the lot. There will be two bedrooms, a bathroom and a huge recreation room in the basement. There are two huge window wells so even though it's a basement, it will have full height floor to ceiling windows on two walls and even includes a 15x15 foot patio. The other two floors will be more conventional with three bedrooms upstairs. As big is the house is, it will have a one car garage. I guess something had to go. They'll have a tiny rear yard. The house is about 40x40 on a 50x100 foot lot with a 25 foot setback in front. Fun to watch the construction.

Stanford Fireworks
Tuesday night we walked over to the Stanford University campus for a fireworks show. We sat in the bleachers at the tennis courts and got a good view of the show. I shot a little video of the fireworks but I can't get it nor the recent pictures off the camera. I hate technology!

Tonight (Wednesday the 4th) we'll stayed home, relaxed and watched the fireworks shows on TV. We did go next door for a little backyard fireworks show that our neighbor does each year.

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