Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Fun Day, Not

One of the must get done items while home is any medical and dental needs. I've done well with the dental appointments but not so well with the doctor. A couple of months ago I had a checkup at Kaiser. I was reminded that it was time again for a colonoscopy. The doctor made the referral but I never heard back, until last week. By then, time was getting tight. We intended to leave for some time in the desert just before Christmas. I tried last week to set up an appointment but just got an answering machine so I left my name number and reason for the call. They didn't return the call by Monday so I called them about 9am and was told the earliest appointment was December 26th, 8 days after we intended to be gone. I also don't think I'd like a holiday appointment one day after Christmas. I had some teeth pulled on the day after Thanksgiving years ago and I know no one there wanted to be there and everyone but me was either low on the totem pole or darn unlucky. Anyway I whined a little and said I'd take the appointment but if they had any cancellations to call me. She then said have you eaten anything today and can you be here tomorrow at 2pm. The answers were no and yes. I went down and picked up the wonderful tasting gallon bottle of stuff I had to drink and continued to starve. Since I like to eat I had to hide food and relax a lot and do every other kind of diversion to be good.

Success, Lou took me down to the clinic. They require you to show up with your ride or no procedure. We headed off an hour before the hour before arrival time and just as we left, I got a call form the clinic that they could take me in early since someone didn't show up. That got me in 30 minutes early by the time we got there. Everything went smoothly. They did their inspection and trim job and I was good to go for another five years. Just a little woozy.

Of course, the first stop after that was for FOOD. We stopped by the Hometown Buffet since they have lots of food and it's all ready right now. Actually, I wasn't really all that hungry but I just ate to get back in the habit and regain my strength.

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